When is Ultherapy an Alternative to Surgical Facelifts?

If you’re keen to firm, tighten and lift sagging skin but fearful of going under the knife or it’s not quite the right time for a facelift, then Ulthera ultrasound therapy may be the non-surgical alternative for you. Read more about ultherapy and the impressive results we’ve seen for the face, neck and jaw-line at Karidis…

We know a well-performed facelift can achieve impressive results – the story and video of Karen Hogan’s transforming facelift journey (featured in Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine) has moved us all – but we also know surgery isn’t for everyone. It may be hard to imagine a non-invasive treatment can achieve benefits such as tighter, more defined and firmer skin – as we would see in a surgical procedure – but the team of nurses at Karidis have seen some quite outstanding results with Ulthera.

Ulthera – or ultherapy as it’s also known - can improve the tone, texture and laxity of the skin in any age-group and is currently the most effective non-surgical face-lifting treatment with no downtime. Some say it’s like a facelift minus the knife, however, it does have its limitations!

“We see fantastic results in people in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond with the Ulthera, providing the skin is of good quality. Typically, the less severe the sagging is the higher likelihood a non surgical procedure will benefit you .  This is because if sagging is quite advanced then you are probably a better candidate for surgery.” We recommend a consultation in which both non-surgical and surgical options are discussed in order to best suit your individual needs and expectations.

Sound interesting? Here’s the lowdown: Through concentrated ultrasound energy, the device can lift the muscle and tone the skin on specific areas such as neck, jaw-line and chin. This happens through a process of deep level injury which then stimulates the production of new collagen to revive and tone the skin from beneath. The results are tighter, more plumped skin on the outside.

We’ve seen particularly transformative results on drooping jowls and loose skin around jaw-lines, making Ulthera are an excellent choice if problem areas are on the lower part of the face and a full facelift is therefore not needed. Good results can also be achieved around the brow line where skin might sag so the options are not exclusive to the lower face.

carole ann rice confidence coachA recent patient of Ulthera at Karidis, Carole Ann Rice, decided to have Ulthera after hearing about its results. “I wanted a natural look without downtime or obvious damage or recovery and I’d heard Ulthera gave amazing results that get better as the months go on – how amazing is that?”

Some mild to moderate pain and discomfort may be felt during the treatment (everyone’s pain thresholds vary) so our nurses administer some pain killers to prepare for this. Fortunately as Karidis’ clinic is based at St. John’s and Elizabeth Hospital in London, for those with high sensitivity (in our experience, it’s usually you men!), we can organise gas and air.

On the subject of pain, Carole Ann comments: “I would say it’s an irritating pain at the least and can go up to a hot burning sensation (about 7 out of 10) in some places where the skin is thinner. But it’s not as bad as root canal work at the dentist and you get instant wonderful results.”

Once the treatment is finished, there is no pain, recovery or downtime. “Instantly the face feels and looks tighter and I love that it just keeps getting better in a lovely fresh-looking way as the months go on,” says Carole Ann. In fact, you only need one treatment to see results and expect to see the best results in around three to six month – ideal if you have a big event later in the year, such as a wedding, that you need to look your best for.

Lead nurse at Karidis, Karolina Jendras, who was also pleased with Carole Ann’s results, says, “her skin responded so well to the treatment, and results have been continued to improve over the months. I’m already pencilling her in for another session, should she need it, in 18 months to two years time.”

So is Ulthera right for you? If you have a mild to moderate degree of skin laxity that you’d like to firm and tighten, but maybe it’s not enough for a full facelift, then you could be a good candidate for Ulthera. It’s also an option for early intervention, if a surgical facelift is something you might consider in later years. Some of our patients also use Ulthera as a post-surgery maintenance procedure to support the results of their surgery.

See below for a few of Karidis’ before and after Ulthera images. For more detailed information about Ultherapy and how to book, visit the Ultherapy Facial Treatments page.

25-Ultherapy Before

Patient before Ulthera treatment on jawline

Ulthera after one session and 90 days

Visible results after one session of Ulthera and 90 days later – visibly tighter and more defined jaw line











Before Ulthera ultrasound treatment

Before Ulthera ultrasound treatment


After Ulthera ultrasound treatment – visibly less sagging of the skin along the jawline and neck

Top 5 Beauty Tips to take you (glowing) Into the New Year


Whilst you can enjoy indulging and relishing the full swing of Christmas this year, The Karidis team compiled our simple top 5 tips to take you glowing into the New Year, leaping radiantly and happily into 2015.


Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

H20 isn’t commonly found around a table, when celebrations are high on the agenda. Hangovers will be eased and skin less parched if you try and drink what you would on a normal day in your life (ideally 1 litre). Place a jug of water with cucumber and lime in the centre of your dining table to remind you to sip away in between wine and champers.


Keep it Glowing…

Apply moisturiser or a hyaluronic acid based product like Medik8 B5 Hydrate to prevent skin from dehydrating through the night. Keep a bottle of water by your bed to sip on before sleeping and again when you wake. If you can fit in a HydraFacial to plump and quench your complexion, prior to late nights and increase of alcohol intake then get booked in for November and December- the notoriously boozy month.


Stress Less

Stress can cause sickness, a lowered immune system, dark circles under the eyes, dry skin, acne, oily hair and many other issues. Everyone is different, and stress comes out in different ways. Beauty treatments not only target and treat specific areas of the body; results driven skin or body treatment will boost you natural with confidence ridding you of stress.


A leaf from another book…

Take a tip from ‘The Gift Confidence this Christmas’ from life coach, author and friend of the clinic – Carole Ann Rice. She always has sound advice and gives us a boost



It is the inevitable that we will be enjoying that extra chocolate and portion of pud, after all, what is life if you can’t indulge during this season?

Just remind yourself to balance the extra treats with extra time taking a long walk or running when you start the day (to get the metabolism kick started) to counteract those extra pounds. Beauty will naturally shine when the body is healthy!

Pretty as a Picture

Picture Perfect


We’ve all heard that saying “as pretty as a picture”, but not everyone is created equally aesthetically. Some may be “flawless” or “perfect” in their look, but others may have flaws or just a victim of that unstoppable force known as ageing. Of course, we are not saying that you cannot age gracefully or naturally.

It is very shallow to say that beauty is only on the outside ‘physical appearance’, simply we feel that this is not true, beauty lies within us and stands for both males and females. Nonetheless, depending on each individual lifestyle, mental state, health and, or age the inner beauty will somewhat reflect through physical appearance. Whatever the reason maybe that you feel something needs to change than change it if it’s going to help towards a more positive or happier lifestyle or improve your wellbeing.

In this day and age, we are have more freedom to be who we are or want to be and modern advances have helped us become more exposed to a wider scope of brands, products and services. Providing us the flexability and the desire to make choose what is right for our individual needs requirments and, or desires.

Here at Karidis we provide honest and expert advice on surgical and non-surgical treatments or enhancements that can give you back your confidence or give you the confidence you’ve never had but always wanted. We want you to smile when you see yourself and be comfortable with the way you look.


Skin Tightening Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience, and nothing compares to giving birth to your new child. Unfortunately, after your hormones have settles and you have established everything from feeding to changing schedules, your body might not have returned to its pre-pregnancy condition. This may be especially true of certain areas like your stomach, abdomen, face, neck, and/or arms. You may have unwanted shape-changes, loose skin, or stretch marks that interfere with the happiness of your first months of new motherhood.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with the undesirable changes to your post pregnancy body. You can do what nature forgot and put everything back into place again! These days you have more options than ever for restoring your body to its best condition. cosmetic surgery is always an option, but more modern and less surgical treatment options exist to help you, if you’re shy about going under the knife, especially so soon after giving birth.

These methods, used for skin tightening and more, include: laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and thread lift. Laser skin resurfacing is used to remove minor imperfections and to improve the texture of your skin. This can be especially helpful for the face and neck after pregnancy, but is good for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars as well.

Chemical peels are a similar, but somewhat older treatment that is used in much the same way as resurfacing. Peels are not as good helpful for reducing stretch marks, unless done very soon after their appearance. Older stretch marks generally require surgery to fully remove. If you get the post pregnancy peel done soon, you may feel better about the overall results. Blue light therapy or microdermabrasion are two other treatment choices.

Another option, the thread lift, is a less invasive form of skin tightening, used to reduce the appearance of loose skin without drastic surgery. This is most popularly utilized to treat sagging skin at the face and neck, but can help tighten and beautify other areas of the body too, such as small amounts of loose skin at the abdomen. Laser Liposuction or Smart Lipo are two other minimally invasive options for restoring curves and re-sculpting the body after giving birth to your child or children.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but facing the realities of a post pregnancy body may not be ideal. Instead, consider the above options for getting the true you back and ready to face the world.

Top 10 Reasons Athletes Have Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery procedures have become increasingly common for lots of people, and those in the sports field are no exception. Here are the top ten reasons that physicians perform cosmetic surgery on athletes.

Female Athlete

1. For Damaged Ears

Otoplasty is done to correct ear deformities from sports injuries. The most common sport to cause ear problems is boxing. Evander Holyfield underwent Otoplasty after fighting Mike Tyson.

2. To Fix Their Teeth

Cosmetic dental work is popular among athletes who play contact sports. Celebrity Alan Thicke lost five teeth while playing hockey and had to undergo dental implant surgery.

3. To Avoid Discomfort

Common cosmetic surgery for female athletes is breast reduction, which helps those who are well-endowed by improving comfort. Tennis player Simona Halep had breast reduction.

4. For Fuller Calves

Calf augmentation is becoming more common among athletes, especially with bodybuilders, because it improves their overall physique. Bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno received calf augmentation when he was making a comeback.

5. For Rippling Pectorals

Male athletes in fields such as bodybuilding are more likely to have pectoral implants, because it provides contour of the chest. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is said to have received pectoral implants.

6. A Broken Nose

This kind of cosmetic surgery for athletes is called Rhinoplasty and is one of the most commonly performed procedures for those who are prone to having facial injuries for athletes in contact sports. The Atlanta Hawks’ Pero Antic had Rhinoplasty due to an injury in practice.

7. To Tone Up

Liposuction is for athletes, too. If they’ve got the unwanted fat in stubborn areas that won’t behave, they can get this done to fix it. Brazilian superstar Cristiano Ronaldo had liposuction to trim up.

8. For A New Look

Even athletes want to look good, and what’s a better way than having a face lift? Olympic gold medallist Bruce Jenner decided to have a face lift to improve his overall look.

9. To Replace Tresses

Hair loss is uncomfortable for some people. Rather than stay bald, they can have a procedure to get some hair. Soccer player Wayne Rooney decided to undergo the knife and have a hair transplant.

10. To Get Rid Of Scars

Those athletes who play rough sports end up with unsightly scars. To remedy that, they can have scar revision surgery to fix the problem. MMA fighter Nick Diaz opted for this procedure.



Top 5 Non-Surgical Treatments for Men

While many women seek out non-surgical treatment to improve their level of health or beauty in some way, the fact is that men also may benefit from a wide range of treatments. Both genders will enjoy advantages from certain types of treatments, and you may be curious about which options are most popular for males. With a closer look at what the popular treatments are and how they can help, you may make the decision to pursue treatment for yourself.

Botox Treatment
Botox is popular amongst women; however over the years we have seen an increase in males enquiring and booking themselves in for Botox injections. The fact is that these injections can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on the brow, eyelids and around the mouth, but also great for treating Hyperhidrosis, the medical term used to describe ‘excessive sweating’ which as we have seen many men suffer from.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser Hair Removal Treatment we find is most common among the hairiest of men. The treatment best suits those who can’t bear to bare the chest and back or for a full body wax treatment. The Laser Hair Removal Treatment is most popular amongst athletes, male and female.


Body Sculpting Treatment

Believe it or not, men can feel insecure and lack confidence in the way that they look through weight gain. The idea of exercise or even cosmetic surgery can be daunting; if you are reading this and it sounds like we are talking about you, our advice is to try popular non-surgical treatments such as ‘Cooltech Fat Cooling Treatment’ or the ‘VelaOnce Treatment’ procedures used with advanced-technological handheld devices used to gently and effectively reduce stubborn deposits of fat.


Ultherapy Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Just like women, men age and no matter what anti-ageing treatments, creams we use or healthy eating and exercise we uptake, age is evitable. Nonetheless more and more women and men are going through various different means to upkeep appearances for as long as they can and why not? FDA Approved Ultherapy Treatment can achieve rewarding results in rejuvenating the skin and is most popular among celebs.


HydraFacial Treatment

Let’s face it more and more men are into male grooming nowadays and what’s wrong with a man wanting to take care in his appearance right? And other men, well they may not be into the male grooming bracket but there’s nothing wrong it that neither. However, both men and women of this day and age live busy and, or pressured lifestyles, this can take a toll on mental and physical health. A HydraFacial every couple of weeks can take a minimum 30 minutes out of your day to relax and rejuvenate your face. This treatment is most popular among young women and men.
Both genders, male and female may experience a wide range of issues that may be resolved with surgery, but surgery is not always necessary. Consider researching the Karidis site for some non-surgical solutions for the problems that are giving you concern today.

Learn More or Enquire Here: http://www.karidis.co.uk/non-surgical-treatments-for-men/

Not Just For Women: Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Men

Cosmetic surgery is generally thought of as something that is pursued by women; however, many men get cosmetic surgery procedures also. Cosmetic surgery for men can help achieve a more masculine or youthful appearance, and many of the most popular male celebrities have had at least one cosmetic surgery procedure. Here are the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures for men.

1. Nose Reshaping

Just like women, men can be self-conscious about the shape or appearance of their nose. Many men seek Rhinoplasty for this reason, either to reshape their nose or to make it smaller. A Rhinoplasty for men can eliminate large bumps on the bridge of the nose, and contour nostrils to have a softer appearance.

2. Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is another cosmetic procedure that is common among men. When the upper eyelids have extra skin or appear to droop, or there are fat deposits underneath the eyes, many men opt to have a blepharoplasty in order to eliminate these issues. A blepharoplasty can help a man achieve more “open” looking eyes, or the elimination of dark, heavy bags under the eyes.

3. Liposuction

While many people consider liposuction a procedure requested most by women, it’s also one of the most popular options for cosmetic surgery for men. Men often get liposuction to contour the shape of their abdominal muscles, or to get rid of extra fat deposits that don’t go away with diet and exercise.

4. Breast Reduction

Unfortunately, many men find themselves with extra fat in their chest area. Whether due to weight gain or a hormonal imbalance, men can be embarrassed by having the look of “breasts,” and will seek cosmetic surgery for men in order to get rid of the extra fat in that region. Depending on how much additional fat there is, a surgeon may choose to use Liposuction techniques, or perform a standard breast reduction.

5. Facelift

A facelift is a popular cosmetic procedure for older men, who desire to have a younger appearance in their face. A facelift can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and give the skin a softer, tighter look.

Although cosmetic surgery has often been thought of as a “women only” field, the truth is, more men are opting to improve their appearance with cosmetic procedures. Contact our highly skilled cosmetic surgeon Mr. Alex Karidis at the Karidis clinic in London to discuss how cosmetic surgery may help you achieve the look you want, tel: 020 7432 8727

Is the Nature of Beauty Changing?

The nature of beauty has always been subject to fashion with some fashions lasting longer than others. The Ancient Egyptians pioneered the use of wax to rid themselves of unwanted hair and many cultures still consider smooth skins beautiful today. The trend in Elizabethan England of covering the face in white lead to create pale skin, however, has been reversed. Nowadays, the use of fake tan is in fashion to achieve a sun-kissed glow.

What has remained the same is how beauty is equated with youth. Thus the popularity of plastic surgery in celebrity culture, with the belief that it can help turn back time. However, woe-betide the celebrity whose surgery is too obvious. Joan Rivers, who died recently, was derided for her procedures. With celebrities embracing procedures from Botox to buttock implants, the rise in plastic surgery among the general public is unsurprising. Who wouldn’t want that airbrushed youthful glow? Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, has been something of an unwilling ambassador for non-invasive procedures having adopted the ‘less is more’ approach with chemical peels.

Undergoing surgery will always be a risk, with infection, scarring and nerve damage all possible. Many ask if it is a risk worth taking just for a smaller nose or bigger breasts. Those who have surgery risk criticism from friends and family who may judge them shallow. Although surgery may seem drastic, it can have positive benefits in boosting confidence and self-esteem. This is unsurprising considering the importance attached to good looks. A study by American scientist David Buss, who recorded the dating preferences of 100,000 people from 37 different cultures, found that a woman’s physical appearance came top or near top of every man’s ‘wanted’ list. It is little wonder that women are resorting to more extreme beauty regimes.

However, men are also increasingly feeling the pressure to look good. In the US, cosmetic procedures for men went up by 106% between 1997 and 2012. In the UK requests by men for liposuction went up by 25% last year.

Beauty is subject to fashion but the ideal of beauty and the desire to look beautiful and desirable is not new. It is human nature to want to look as attractive as possible and plastic surgery is just one way of achieving this. There will always be critics of the beauty ideal. Queen Victoria, for example, thought make up was ‘improper’ and should be used only by actors.

The beauty industry is tapping into a deep-seated human need and doing it very well. Analysts at the financial firm Goldman Sachs estimate that the global beauty industry is growing at 7% a year. This is a very lucrative trade.

“Beauty will continue to be an important goal for most men and women on the planet, however that is achieved. Times change and fashions alter but the desire for beauty remains the same.”


7 Truths You Should Know About Botox

FACT – Everybody age’s, truth be told not everyone can accept this. Heard of Botox? Sure you have and here are 7 truths you should know about Botox:


Truth 1: Botox is an injectable solution to wrinkles, spots and ageing lines.

Truth 2: Botox side effects are temporary

Truth 3: Botox requires maintenance and expense

Truth 4: There are 7 botulinum toxins that stop  muscle contractions (Acetylcholine)

Truth 5: A Botox injection should only be carried out by a certified professional because it is a medical procedure.

Truth 6: Botox Injections can be used on different parts of the body, including face, hands and feet.

Truth 7: Botox can be used by men and women to provide a more youthful and relaxed appearance.


Mr Alex Karidis was invited to ITV’s This Morning show hosted by Marvin and Rochelle to help people who are thinking of undergoing Cosmetic Surgery and have their questions answered. Here’s the video transcript:


If somebody is thinking about undergoing plastic surgery what advice would you give to them first of all?

Mr Alex Karidis

Make sure you’re doing it for the right reason, you’re doing it because you really want to improve yourself or unhappy with a certain aspect of your body. I always recommend to anybody, do your homework and you can do it very easily these days with the internet. The Internet has got millions and millions of sites which you can actually access and understand what the surgery involves. The more you understand the better armed you are, you’re more aware of the risks and possible downsides involved and obviously the benefits.


Ok, let’s take some calls


CALLER NO.1: Heather’s Question:

Basically, I was thinking about getting lip fillers and also Botox as well, a lot of my friends have got it and members of my family, but I was wondering if you could tell me what the potential risks are and the complications and do you think that it is addictive?

Mr Alex Karidis Answer

Hi Heather, I think that it is good that you have decided to have surgery, I presume you want to improve some aspect of yourself because I think that is really important and you mustn’t do it because your friends and family have had it. There are risks with any type of surgery, and yes of course it will depend on the specific type of procedure that you choose. There are generalised risks for example: For anaesthetic reasons infection and bleeding, and of course depending on the procedure that you choose there are specific issues that you need to understand. For example, for breast augmentations you have to understand that the implants that you have inserted are not forever, they are not lifetime devices. There’s an obligation there on your part to change at some point, so you need to understand that there is a commitment there.

I think that the important thing is to understand the reason why you’re doing it in the first place.


I do think that I’m under a lot of pressure to get cosmetic surgery, like looking at the magazines and watching the TV programs, you almost feel as you kind of have to get it to look normal.

Mr Alex Karidis

Yes, I think that’s definitely not the right reason to do it

Rochelle Agrees

Mr Alex Karidis

You have to do it because you really personally are unhappy about something and you want to improve an aspect about yourself.


Yeah, Surely Heather you should only be doing it if you really want to do it you know.


Umm…Yeah, Umm…Yeah I know


I think it’s important


I’m going to think about it.


Yes, make sure you do


Alright Heather Thank you for your call today


Heather Thank you, Thank you

CALLER NO.2: Stacy’s Questions

My question for Alex is that I’m considering going over to Prague next month for breast surgery, wanted to see if you had any advice for going, considering I’m going over alone.

Mr Alex Karidis

Right, well, you hear a lot of this, about people going abroad for surgery and uh you know Stacy I presume the main reason you are doing it is for financial reasons; because people have heard that Surgery is a lot cheaper abroad.


It’s a lot cheaper In Prague?

Mr Alex Karidis

Not just in Prague, compared to other countries in the UK, it’s slightly more expensive.


Is that why you’re doing it Stacy, Is it cheaper abroad, is that why?


Erm… no, I have had problems over here so I’ve decided to go abroad for it, to have it done instead.

Mr Alex Karidis

There are good surgeons everywhere in the world; one of the problems with having surgery abroad if you don’t live abroad is when you come back. If there is a problem or if you need some follow-up advice or care, who do you turn too? And that’s a big obstacle for many people, because the actual act of performing surgery is just that day but then you have the healing process, you have the follow-up care, all these things Stacy you need to take into consideration. And you need to make sure that you have backup in case something does go wrong. When you come back who are you going to turn to?


What checks should people be doing Alex before they do make the journey abroad, what should they do?

Mr Alex Karidis

Well, I think the same checks that you would do to have surgery here. You would make sure that the person doing it is fully qualified, is well versed, very experienced with the type of surgery that you want to have done. Perhaps see you can get a recommendation as well.


And how would you by checking, is it websites? Can you Look up surgeons for example and see their work?

Mr Alex Karidis

Absolutely, if you have a specific name, yes you can, obviously do a search and find some information.


Does that not always happen? Do you not always know exactly who is going to be operating on you?

Mr Alex Karidis

Well that is the problem if you go for example through a cosmetic surgery company you may not know the actual surgeon who is going to perform the surgery, of course there are people within a certain company who will advise and tell you about surgery but they won’t be the people performing the surgery. So it’s not always easy sometimes to identify that.


Stacy have you done any checks yourself?


Erm, yeah I have done checks on the company that I’ve decided I’m going go with and they told me that I will be operated on with the surgeon that I will speak to over the phone before I go, or one that will do my consultation and look at all my pictures before I go over there.


Right, ok

Mr Alex Karidis

Again, it’s not ideal because before committing to any surgery a surgeon should ideally see the patient and examine the patient up close. Sure you can only get so much via pictures, skype or whatever but unless you exactly examine them, the individual and speak to them in person, it’s not always easy. You know to be fully 100% with explaining to the patient what can and cannot be achieved.


Ok Thank Alex, Hopefully that’s something to think about Stacy, yes?


Yeah, it is thank you


CALLER NO.3 Jackie’s Question

Morning doctor

Mr Alex Karidis


I had a double mastectomy in 2005 due to breast cancer and I’m wondering if it’s still possible to have implants after such a length of time because of the scarring?

Mr Alex Karidis

Hello Jackie yes, of course it is possible, I presume that you are under the care of somebody in the NHS, your GP? Yes there are many options available to patients that have had mastectomy’s these days. If you feel the need to reconstruct your breast, I think it will totally be understandable for you to seek advice and I ‘am certain that your GP will be able to guide you accordingly, to help you go through the appropriate routes but yes there is no reason why you couldn’t have some form of reconstruction.


Ok, Thank you

Marvin, Rochelle and Mr Alex Karidis

Thank you


Ok Jackie hope that helps




We’ve had a couple of emails as well Alex, the first one is from a lady called Jane, says that she’s Afro-Caribbean and she feels her nose is too broad and wants to make sure she finds a good surgeon that can give her the effect that she wants as she doesn’t want to look to European, what should she look for?

Mr Alex Karidis

Well, Afro-Caribbean noses in particular are very specific noses; they’re different to Caucasian noses


Hmm yes

Mr Alex Karidis

Afro-Caribbean noses have slightly flatter and slightly thicker, and so you need to have a surgeon who’s got a lot of experience with them type of noses. It’s very likely that that person does a lot of noses anyways but more specifically they should have a lot of experience with afro Caribbean noses. Again, I think with many of these situations when a black individual want to change their nose, they need to be very specific about what they would like to achieve, as she said she doesn’t want to look to European and she’s clear about that, because you don’t want to go to the extreme where you’ve changed your nose so radically that it’s not you anymore.

Marvin and Rochelle

Mm yeah,


That it’s no longer you anymore, yes yes – Next is a common one on Botox, Michelle sent an email saying she wants to have Botox surgery on her forehead but she has asthma, will it be safe for her to have that surgery?

Mr Alex Karidis

Yes, there’s no contrary indication, or reason why she couldn’t have it if she has asthma, no, absolutely not.


Botox is very common isn’t it, it seems to be

Mr Alex Karidis

It is the most common Non-surgical procedure that we do and it’s great because people can see the difference after a few days once the Botox has kicked in, it’s great at smoothing lines and creases. It’s a form of toxin, its actually got Botulinum Botox is the trade name but it’s very very effective it’s been used for cosmetic purposes for a number of years now, so we know it’s safe and it’s very readily accepted by patients.


I think Botox, I always think about it, Is it not something that you have to regularly keep up, it’s not something where you have it just the once but you have to maintain it for the rest of your life

Mr Alex Karidis

You are absolutely correct; it’s not a one off


It’s not a problem solver

Mr Alex Karidis

No, No and if you like the effect you have to commit to having it done every 3-6 months depending on how much you tolerate. I think we have evolved with things like Botulinum toxin in that we now understand that we don’t want to give you the frozen look anymore.


Yes it’s not good to have too much

Mr Alex Karidis

Yes, you’re absolutely right, because initially when it first came out people were all excited, putting in lots, resulting in no lines or movement at all”, but that’s very unnatural. Now we’ve realised that it’s about putting soft small amounts in each areas you can actually achieve a much more natural result and at the same time smooth out any creases or lines that you are not happy with.

View the full Video Here

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