Beauty Treatments: Top 10 reasons to try a Hydrafacial


Taking care of our skin is so important, especially in the summer when many of us spend more time outside exposed to the sun. This is a great time to get a Hydrafacial, making it part of our beauty regime for healthy, younger looking skin. The following are 10 reasons to try the Hydrafacial and bring out the natural beauty in your skin.

1. Like the name implies, this type of facial provides instant hydration for your skin. Unlike other skin procedures that leave your skin feeling irritated and even dried out, this method leaves the skin moist and dewy.

2. It works well on all skin types and even sensitive skin can easily tolerate this treatment method.

3. This treatment can take as little as 15 minutes to complete. It’s something that can be completed over your lunch break.

4. It feels cool and soothing. There isn’t any pain during the procedure. Some people have compared it to having a soft brush with cream being stroked over their face.

5. The procedure helps to eliminate common skin problems such as discoloration, clogged pores, and even fine lines. There are different solutions to choose from that will meet the needs of each skin type. The amount of serum used can be controlled by the esthetician.

6. With a deep cleansing process and exfoliation, many people will see results after just one treatment. Your skin will look radiant and clean right away.

7. There are add-on features that can be done along with the basic procedure. An example is the lymphatic drainage that helps detoxify and may even relieve sinus congestion.

8. The results of even one treatment may last a week or longer.

9. There is no “downtime” when you’re finished. You’ll be able to put on make-up after treatment is completed.

10. If continued on a regular basis, the Hydrafacial will only continue to improve the look and texture of your skin. It is sometimes recommended to schedule several treatments every few weeks and then once every month or two for maintenance.


Why Diet and Exercise are both Important after Liposuction

Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise


Whether you’ve received a tummy tuck or had liposuction performed, it is vital to make both diet and exercise a high priority. Although many people think that these cosmetic procedures eliminate the need to improve their eating habits and increase their physical activity, this is simply not the case. Getting active and feeding the body well can expedite the natural healing process. These efforts can also boost confidence levels and improve the overall aesthetic benefits of these procedures. Ultimately, people can look and feel better by simply choosing to take better care of themselves.

Immediately After Surgery

Intense physical activity should be avoided immediately after surgery. Short, gentle walks can often be taken, however, within the first several days after a treatment has been performed. This will improve blood circulation, alleviate swelling and reduce soreness. It will also set the stage for establishing healthier life habits overall. Talking with your medical team about your plans to implement a new exercise plan is important. They can help you establish feasible goals and a workout schedule that will facilitate faster healing rather than impeding this process.

In addition to increasing physical movement, people should also focus on eating to obtain higher levels of energy. The digestive system and the body in general can feel sluggish while recovering from the effects of anesthesia and localized trauma. Fresh, healthy fare will deliver concentrated doses of vital nutrients that will assist with the healing process. The best foods for the recovery period include dark, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products and a colorful assortment of fruits. Natural foods will promote digestive regularity and provide the greatest amount of energy.

The Likelihood Of Regaining Lost Fat

Fat removal in the treated areas is intended to be permanent. This does not mean that other areas of the body will be impervious to fat storage. Being too reliant on cosmetic procedures to produce major physical change will often land people right back where they started. The risk of regaining lost weight is high after receiving these treatments. A good diet and routine exercise is the only effective way to offset this risk.

Fortunately, there are many benefits that people can gain by choosing to implement new and healthier life habits after these procedures. Exercise can promote mood balance and stave off depression and anxiety. It can also make people feel stronger, more attractive and healthier. While a tummy tuck and liposuction can reduce fat stores in targeted areas, these procedures alone will not improve muscle tone. People will therefore need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to obtain a younger and more fit-looking physique overall.

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Cosmetic Surgery: Less Is More

Cosmetic surgery is incredibly common for both men and women to get to improve their appearances. Many people get cosmetic surgery because it will help them to feel more confident. Others get this type of surgery to change the way that they look for one reason or another. However, when it comes to getting cosmetic surgery, less is more with just about any procedure that you choose to go for.

In many cases, people who go for cosmetic surgery take it too far for a variety of reasons. Some people have found that going for these surgeries is almost addictive. They may not have achieved the specific look they wanted with their first surgery, and so they continue to go for more to achieve that ultimate look. Others simply take it too far because of peer pressure, hanging out with others who have gone for multiple surgeries or just because of societal pressures that the media often puts on looks and appearances.

The best time to stop getting cosmetic surgeries done is when you feel happy with the way that you look. Less is more when it comes to these types of procedures. You want to go with a subtle look rather than something entirely drastic. In general, cosmetic surgery should not be something that is easily seen on a person. If you can tell that someone has had many surgeries done, it is likely that they have gone too far with the surgeries they have had.

The key is to remember what you’re trying to achieve with cosmetic surgery. Most people get this type of surgery done to achieve a specific type of look. Whether you’re going for breast augmentation or rhinoplasty, you need to know the specific look that you want to achieve and talk about this with your surgeon – Mr.Alex Karidis will be able to provide you with expert advice and on different things that you should look for when having cosmetic surgery done. Even your surgeon Mr Alex Karidis doesn’t want you to take this type of procedure too far, since his specialist field of work enjoy’s helping people to enhance their appearances without a fake look to them. Having a natural look through cosmetic surgery can be done, and it is always best to remember that less is more with these procedures. Speaking to Mr. Alex Karidis before making up your mind will definitely help you to figure out what type of procedure and to what extent it is done is right for you.

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Is it right for me

If you’ve been thinking about having cosmetic surgery, the first thing to ask yourself is why you’re considering it in the first place. Procedures like rhinoplasties, tummy tucks and breast implants can all lead to improved self-esteem by improving your physical appearance, and some procedures are medically necessary and can improve your health and well-being. Whether your reasons are motivated purely by the desire to look better or by some sort of medical condition or injury, the most important thing of all is to give yourself plenty of time to arrive at a decision.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

Every year, countless people undergo various cosmetic surgery procedures. The vast majority are pleased with the results. Most people can safely undergo the most popular procedures, but certain risk factors may pose problems in some situations. For instance, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or heart disease, your doctor may advise you to proceed with caution. Similarly, heavy drinkers and smokers are sometimes encouraged to change their habits prior to undergoing these types of procedures. With these warnings aside, however, most procedures are perfectly safe, and chances are that you are, indeed, a good candidate for whatever work you’d like to have done.

Know Your Motivations

Ask yourself why you’re considering this type of surgery. Is there something about your physical appearance that has bothered you for some time, or has this desire suddenly sprang up seemingly out of nowhere? If it’s the latter, and you’re going through a rough period in your life, you might want to hold off until things settle down a little. For instance, someone who’s coping with a divorce or the death of a spouse may suddenly be ready for a change, but major surgery usually isn’t the answer.

Have Reasonable Expectations

As long as you are reasonable about your expectations concerning cosmetic surgery, you should be quite happy with the results. Regardless of which procedure you have performed, you should know what it is capable of doing and what it’s not capable of doing. The primary result will be to improve your appearance and/or to resolve an underlying medical condition or injury. The many different types of surgical procedures are not a magic bullet that can instantly transform your life. Sitting down with a professional, accredited consultant before making your decision, and discussing these and other topics thoroughly will lay the foundation for a successful and effective procedure.


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Liverpool Beauty News

We have long been hailed ‘Liverpool’s Best Kept Secret’ but Karidis Medispa is making steps in being discovered, quite literally, thanks to our new floor stickers in Liverpool ONE and Beauty Bazaar.

karidis medispa floor sticker

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Hey Goodlooking!

But don’t think this is just a safe beauty haven for women! With Father’s Day coming up, you can expect to see a lot more men in the Medispa as we kick-start our ‘Hey Goodlooking’ campaign that is bursting with male treatments to ensure the fathers, husbands and brothers of Liverpool maintain their dashing looks and waistlines. We even have some goodie bags to give out soon, so make sure you follow us on Twitter (@karidis_liv) or like us on Facebook (Karidis Medispa) so you don’t miss out.

Hello Doctor!

We are excited to announce a new Doctor will be joining Karidis Medispa as of Thursday 5th June 2014.  Dr Kerry is very experienced in cosmetic treatments and has been working alongside Mr Karidis too to ensure the best quality and care is upheld.

To welcome Dr Kerry to the Medispa we are offering the first ten clients a 15-minute expert consultation for just £10, so you can have her undivided attention and expert solutions to your aesthetic concerns. The £10 is redeemable against any non-surgical treatment at our Liverpool clinic including Ultherapy, wrinkle-smoothing injections and lip or cheek enhancements. Keep an eye on our blogs for more information on our new Doctor, coming soon!

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The Modern Man and Cosmetic Surgery


Perhaps, your thoughts on male Cosmetic Surgery or non-surgical treatments and male grooming are a product of recent times, yet there is evidence of similar techniques being used to repair broken noses from more than four thousand years ago in Egypt. However, the use of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments for personal enhancement, rather than damage repair, is a more recent and increasingly popular development.

The stereotypical image of an individual likely to opt for such treatment is still mainly female, a response to a wealth of advertising and other messages over the last half century. This picture is increasingly inaccurate, however, as male surgery and other treatments are becoming ever-more popular, and even commonplace. More than ever before, when you watch models or actors, even sportsmen, or such scripted reality shows such as Made In Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex, it’s clear that personal improvement and appearance is becoming much more of a “front of mind” topic for many men throughout the UK. Simply click on an image search engine, enter “famous male cosmetic surgery” and see the wealth of images that will appear!

Male Surgery


Why is this change happening?


There are a range of reasons that can contribute to what, however, does remain an individual choice decision. The concept of the sweat-stained labourer returning to the eternally-grateful little lady at home after an honest day’s toil is, thankfully, consigned well in the past. As equal partners, men and women (or, also more openly than ever before, men and men) increasingly want to look good, stay fit and healthy – and remain equally appealing – for each other.


Also, in today’s workplace, there is an increasing pressure to look the part – and physical appearance does play some (at least sub-conscious) role in both recruitment and career progression. Image-wise, a couple of generations ago, being sixty was often regarded as “ancient”. Now, with an increasing life expectancy, a desire has developed in many men to look good towards and through these “extra” years. Paying increased attention to both health and fitness can be matched by an interest in those simple cosmetic or non-surgical treatments that can for example, reduce furrowed brows, improve eyelids or eliminate those bags under the eyes, remove fat from under the chin, and smooth out excessive wrinkles.


Two other improvements have added to the popularity of such processes. Firstly, the advances in treatment techniques have made many procedures much less daunting, and recovery times much shorter. Secondly, many men (even in an economic downturn) do still have the level disposable income which allows them to consider such lifestyle enhancing actions.


Smoothing the path through life


Men are increasingly more open now about how they look after their bodies. While not expecting to undergo the kind of dramatic alteration that remains the province of credibility-stretching movies, many are prepared and happy to consider those cosmetic surgery or non-surgical male treatments that might give that little boost to their confidence and leave them feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Male Treatments


The Silhouette Thread Lift: Changing faces?

It has always been my mission to stay on top of new developments in the cosmetic industry, whilst at the same time using my experience, common sense, and judgement to make an assessment on whether these would benefit my patients.  The Silhouette Thread Lift is a procedure that I have been keeping a professional eye on  for well over a year  now.

The Silhouette Soft, in particular, looks appealing as it tightens sagging skin whilst simultaneously increasing the production of collagen. The appropriately trained practitioner lifts lax skin in the desired facial regions using sutures containing polylactic acid, a fully absorbable ingredient that has been used in medical procedures for years.

What’s more, unlike previous thread lifts, there are no incisions and the sutures are dissolving. Instead, a fine needle is inserted about 3-5mm under the skin and progressed along the direction of lift that is desired. Usually two threads are placed on each side to achieve the desired lift in any given region. How many threads in total are used will depend on the extent of the lift desired.  These Silhouette Soft threads are then held in place by virtue of multiple absorbable cones positioned in opposing directions within the thread  thereby “snagging” itself  and holding the surrounding tissues. The doctor then compresses the tissue by pulling up on the sutures to create the desired lifting effect. Whilst this is the primary mechanism in which the Silhouette Soft thread lift works, there is also a biostimulation effect from the polylactic acid material of the threads, causing the body’s own collagen to build up gradually around the thread itself. The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes and the lift results are immediate.

Silhouette Sift Before & After

A photo from Silhouette Soft illustrating the lifting effects of the thread lift.

How long do the results last? This of course will vary with individuals, however in general it may last 12-18 months although there will be patients who will fall outside of these time frames, on both sides, depending on the quality and elasticity of their tissues.

Dr Costas Papageorgiou, our oculofacial surgeon and medical associate, has completed the required course at the Silhouette Beauty laboratory and is confident this is a viable option for select patients in their 30’s to 40’s who are experiencing some early sagging and perhaps are not surgical candidates but want to address some cheek or early jawline laxity.

Those who read my blogs will notice I completely dismissed the one stitch face lift in 2013. I want to clarify that that particular procedure is different and does require incisions, uses permanent threads rather than absorbable ones and was often performed by doctors who were not neccessarily trained in facial aesthetics.  As a surgeon, I am not satisfied that the relative invasiveness that is needed with the one stitch face lift on balance weighed up against the relative short duration of time the results last  are in the patients interest and I still stand by that. I think that if one is going to offer a shorter duration of effect from any particular treatment, and  provided of course the patient understands this, then at least at the very minimum is should absolutely be minimally invasive with no scars at all.

Moreover I also want to make clear that I firmly believe that a full face lift is still the gold standard in cases of more advanced ageing and is also the most consistent, reliable and longest-lasting option for suitable candidates.  However,  I do appreciate and am aware that there are some patients out there who are not quite “ripe” for a surgical procedure but nonetheless desire some immediate “tightening” in a much less invasive way, and are prepared to accept a shorter duration of effect. In these instances  feel that the Silhouette Thread Lift, which is FDA approved for the US market and CE marked for the European market, could provide such a solution.

The most important key to the success of this treatment will always be to ensure that patients understand and manage their expectations accordingly to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments. From our point of view we will do our utmost to ensure the appropriate information is therefore conveyed.

Call our London clinic 0207 432 8728 or Karidis Medispa on 0151 709 8593 for more information.

How not to get old – Surgical and Non-Surgical Q&A with Mr Karidis

If only the fountain of eternal youth was bottled and evenly distributed to the population. Alas, it is but a myth.

However, modern technology and advances in science and medicine has allowed us to delay the appearance of ageing and that is exactly what the new Channel 4 series, How Not To Get Old, focuses on.

As one of the Cosmetic Surgeons to be featured in the programme, I thought it would be a good time to write a blog about the common questions posed during a consultation, both for surgical and non-surgical procedures.

How not to get old

The new Channel 4 series examines surgical and non-surgical ways to stay young

How much does diet and exercise actually contribute to staying young? Isn’t it more to do with genetics?

Eating healthy food and exercising regularly reaps so many rewards not just on a physical level but also emotionally and psychologically. Of course certain things can be ‘blamed’ on genetics but there is a lot to be said for the effect that extrinsic factors have on the skin and overall ageing process. It is well known that certain vitamin and mineral intake improve the quality and complexion of the skin including the widely publicised effect of vitamin C improving the look of fine lines, texture of the skin and to some extent improving pigmentation of the skin. A good diet, plenty of hydration along with regular exercise improves circulation and the delivery system of those vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin leaving you more fresh faced and glowing.

I’m in my 50′s and my skin is sagging and looking a bit droopy. Should I try your non-surgical treatment Ultherapy or would I be better suited for a face lift?

Ultherapy can improve the texture of the skin in any age-group, however it does have its limitations! Typically, the less severe the sagging is the higher likelihood a non surgical procedure will benefit you .  This is because if sagging is quite advanced then you are probably a better candidate for surgery. We see fantastic results in people in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond with the Ultherapy, providing the skin is of good quality. However, it is usually recommended that a consultation in which both non-surgical and surgical options are discussed in order to best suit your individual needs and expectations.

Is there a treatment that can get rid of my fine lines around my eyes?

Treatments for fine lines are aplenty ranging from wrinkle-relaxing injections, to accent radio frequency, to Palomar fractional laser to Oxygen Infusion and more. A complimentary consultation with one of the nurses can determine which would be best for your skin and budget.

What is the ‘best age’ to have a face lift?

We usually see people in their 40′s upwards for face lifts. Obviously you need to have a reasonable degree of sag present which needs to be corrected and for some people it does begin early, say early forties. I guess it would depend on your philosophy, however many people prefer to have correction of any sagging before it becomes too apparent. This is because the effects of your cosmetic surgery will not be as obvious as it would be if you wait until the sagging is well advanced. Furthermore from a surgeon’s point of view it is usually better for us to work on tissue which still retains some elasticity and therefore is better to work with.

I’ve looked after my face over the years but every time I look down at my hands, I’m reminded of my true age! What can be done about ageing hands?

We have a developed a fantastic 3-part system for this problematic area. Our non-surgical Ultimate Hand Lift combines Laser / IPL with a chemical based peel and dermal fillers in order to give the result of smoother, younger looking hands. If one is also troubled with prominent hand veins, the surgical route may be recommended. We work closely with a vein surgeon who can effectively deal with those too. We’ve had many happy clients in both cases.

The skin above my knee is becoming saggy. Is there a non-surgical treatment to give it a lift?

This is traditionally a difficult area to deal with. However Accent radio frequency can be used to lift and tighten the skin – usually this is achieved over a course of around six treatments ensuring you have the best possible results. We are considering the use of Ultherapy being used for sagging skin around the knees, although it is still in the trial stages.  Nonetheless there is no treatment that will completely eliminate sagging in this difficult region and the aim is simply to improve it.

I’m in my 20′s, should I consider using Botox now or should I wait until the lines are more prominent?

Collagen production usually starts to slow down in your late 20s, after this time fine lines and wrinkles may become more apparent and visible and could benefit from wrinkle-relaxing treatments like Botulinum Toxin Type A (commonly referred to as Botox). We wouldn’t advise this injectable to anyone who just ‘wanted’ it. It is a prescription drug and we have a responsibility to our clients to only use it if they need it, so a consultation will definitely be required. As to whether to use it as prevention rather than cure – I am of the belief that you can prevent deeper, more refined lines by targeting it earlier but again, it depends on the individual.

I have always wanted more defined, slightly larger lips but am worried that I would be left with a ‘trout pout’ as seen in some magazines!

Magazines don’t really do our industry justice sometimes! We champion the natural look giving a boost in volume without overdoing it. ‘Less is more’.  Nowadays, with the use of hylauronic acid based dermal fillers, a very natural long-lasting result can be achieved and we can say goodbye to the days of the trout pout!


If you have a question now or during the How Not To Get Old series, please tweet @MrAlexKaridis using the #AskKaridis or email and my team of highly skilled aesthetic nurses will respond to you!


Has Catherine Zeta-Jones had a brow lift?

I must say I struggled to recognise Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones in her latest role alongside Gerard Butler in Playing for Keeps. I feel she has significantly changed her look through what appears to be a Brow Lift.

Of course I’m not saying that she looks awful or terrible in anyway, it’s just not the CZJ we are used to.  You see the Catherine we remember always had a full upper eyelid and slightly low set brow. This can give a very sultry and appealing look when a woman is young and a feature I think the Welsh star used to her advantage early on in her acting career. However, as one grows older the skin quality in the upper eyelid starts to thin and lose some of its elasticity, resulting in some sagging, which droops onto the upper eyelashes giving rise to a sleepy or tired look.

Catherine Zeta-Jones with her sultry eyes in 2007

Catherine Zeta-Jones with her sultry eyes in 2007

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Playing for Keeps

In the film ‘Playing For Keeps’, her brows look lifted

From a surgeon’s perspective, we have no way of changing the consistency of the skin to make it feel firmer, one alternative we use to counter this in the early stages is to recommend cosmetic surgery in the form of an upper eyelid or blepharoplasty procedure, something I believe the 43 year-old may have had a few years ago.

However, in someone like Catherine, who also possesses a slightly low set brow, the improvement in the upper eyelid region does not usually last long because the brow starts to weigh in and drop, giving rise to the same heavy look in the upper eyelid region that was originally corrected.

When this happens the best thing to do is to counter the sagging by lifting the eye brows. This works very well, and with today’s surgical techniques the cosmetic procedure is carried out through three small incisions within the hairline of the frontal scalp. The one caveat that one needs to accept is that although it will give you a brighter more open look to the eyes, it can also change your look somewhat as appears to be the case with Catherine Zeta-Jones.  That is why it’s very important for this to be done conservatively, by avoiding having the eyebrows pulled too high or pulling the medial or inner eyebrow part too high, otherwise you risk looking like a rabbit in the headlights!

Nonetheless I still think its important to note that even small lifts of the eyebrows can change your expression or look somewhat. That is something a patient will need to accept if it means looking brighter and less tired, so the trade off in many instances will still be worthwhile.

I’m sure we’ll get used to the new look of Michael Douglas’ glamorous wife, even if she did raise my eyebrows.

For more information on Brow Lifts, Face Lifts and other procedures please visit or call a member of the Karidis team on 0207 432 8727

The Ultimate Hand Lift

Long said to give a person’s age away, the latest body part to be given a ‘lift’ in order to turn back time is the hand. Often riddled with age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation due to over-exposure of the sun, our hands can look tired, sunken and leathery with age but the cosmetic industry has a solution!

Cosmetic surgery has shaved years off many faces around the world but hands are a much more complex matter. The ‘hand lift’ we offer at Karidis is not a surgical procedure however, in fact it is a combination of three non-surgical treatments put together to create the ultimate in skin renewal and rejuvenation and means there’s no downtime.

The Ultimate Hand Lift would smooth and plump the skin

At our London and Liverpool clinics our Ultimate Hand Lift includes a chemical peel, a hyaluronic acid-based filler injection and laser treatment, the combination of which will conceal prominent veins, plump up the skin and eradicate pigmentation such as liver spots and sun damage.

The chemical peel is applied to the top of the hand where sun exposure has taken its toll and where age spots seem to cluster! The peel will gradually lift the pigmented areas and can take more than one treatment to be fully effective. We then use a laser, either the V-Beam or Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL), which helps to firm and tighten the skin, boost collagen and also reduces the appearance of any discolouration and fine lines. Finally we inject the liquid hyaluronic acid that hydrates and therefore plumps up the skin giving your hand a much more youthful, wrinkle free look!

We recommend three treatments of the combination, one every three weeks to give the pigmentation the chance to lift and the collagen to be stimulated.

As with most laser treatments, the Ultimate Hand Lift combination is not suited for people who are going on holiday shortly as the sun exposure will reverse the effects of the treatment, this can be avoided by wearing an SPF Factor of 50 or wearing sun protective (cotton) gloves.

We are offering the Ultimate Hand Lift for £250 per treatment, or a course of a three for £650, which includes a free pharmaceutical grade SPF cream of 50.

Please note these prices are based on the client requiring one syringe of hylaronic acid per treatment. Book a consultation today and get the young hands your young heart desires!

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