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Natural Girl's Guide to Botox and Filler

Natural Girl's Guide to Botox and Filler image
16th June 2017

Thought about having Botox or fillers but felt worried about looking unnatural? Karidis clinic’s digital and social media manager, Yanar Alkayat, has always believed in a natural approach to ageing but then she discovered a natural look with injectibles.  


“Will I still be able to move my face?”, is what I kept thinking and saying to Karidis nurse, Karolina, who was administering my first Botox and dermal filler. That was my biggest worry because frozen faces is all we see on TV and social media.

As a life long advocate of natural beauty and holistic health, the idea of having injectables as an anti-ageing treatment would have been totally inconceivable to me five years ago. Back then I invested in regular sessions of facial acupuncture (with the brilliant facial acupuncturist, Maggie Brown, who specialises in anti-ageing) and this helped to keep my skin fresh, bright and energised.

But this approach was only going to take me so far. 

Last year I approached my 37th birthday and realised the lines on my face did not tell a true story: my brow lines were so deeply etched it looked like I was always frowning. A strong frown line runs in the family so I'd never really minded up until now, it had always been a part of my face. But now it was having a negative impact on my older face and I decided to give intervention a try to see what difference it would make. 

And what a difference it made! I had a small amount of filler to smooth over two deep wrinkles and Botox to keep the brow muscles apart and nothing else on the rest of the face. The results were visible within a week: my eyes looked wider and when I smiled I was no longer frowning. When I talked I no longer looked like I was full of worry or angst. The below image is face frowning before and after the aesthetic procedure.

karidis botox before after

Here are a few other things I learnt about Botox and dermal fillers:

>> The magical thing about this procedure is that it looks so natural people barely notice it. Not a single friend or family member could tell I'd had anything done until I'd pointed it out - all they could see was that I looked really well with a brighter, fresher face.  

>> The results of the Botox lasted at least six months but even now at eight months later, the muscle contraction is still much softer. The lines still look smooth so the wrinkle-filling dermal filler is still having an effect. 

>> The procedure didn't hurt as I had some anesthetic cream applied but when I went for a top-up (which is a standard practice a few weeks later to assess results and make any additional tweaks) I had the Botox without any topical anesthetic and it was just a mild sensation. 

>> I couldn't have a brow grooming treatment for four weeks after the injectables in order to not interfere with or diplace the treatment.

>> I had to avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours after the treatment in order to not disturb the Botox or filler.

>> I didn't look fake or frozen. If you target problem spots only and leave the rest as I did then the overall look is brilliantly natural.

TV and social media have bombarded us with images of screen stars looking over done and artificial and consequently the general misconception is that any injectable treatment will leave us looking the same. It doesn't have to be so.

Visit a clinic with a good reputation and ensure your Botox or filler is adminstered by a medical professional, such a nurse or doctor. The team at Karidis knows that ordinary women want to look natural and normal and just a great version of themselves.

If you want advice about having Botox or dermal fillers for the first time, contact the Karidis clinic for a free non-surgical treatment consultation. 



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Thank you for working your magic and making me look years younger! Also a big thank you to your team for all their help and support. I love my new face!

Karolina is always a joy to work with - kind, considerate and very professional and creating an aura of trust. She makes the Ulthera treatment painless and that's not an easy task!

I have my Botox with Karolina. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and advises me on what would look good and not so good on my face. She is a person I can trust!

"I was very happy with my treatment experience. Mr Karidis , staff and facilities were excellent. I am very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Mr Karidis and his clinic."

"I am only three days into the recovery of my gynecomastia procedure, and already it has changed my life. I travelled from Cardiff to London to have this procedure and it was by far cheaper than having it done in my local area. Furthermore, Karidis' reputation exceeds expectations. I look forward to my follow up consultation so Karidis can see how he has changed my life. Communication from Karidis and his team - 5 star Professionalism - 5 star Results - 5 star."

For my first Velashape III treatment, Maxine made me feel really comfortable and explained exactly how the treatment would go and any after-effects I might have (I have had none). The process was smooth and painless and actually kind of relaxing. Most importantly, I can already see a MAJOR difference on the cellulite on my legs and butt. I am seriously impressed!

"My entire experience for an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation operation was faultless from a professional and caring team. I cannot recommend Mr Karidis enough from the consultation, in establishing what I wanted, to his skilled work. I am absolutely delighted with the results."

"A seven week recovery journey with a couple of little detours, but navigated with care by Mr Karidis, Suzi & Martina. Explanations, reassurance & advice given from first consultation, day of operation, day one post op. and at all subsequent clinic visits, along with a good dose of friendly chit chat & laughter, (Always a good medicine!). Thank you Mr Karidis & team. No regrets here."

Brilliant consultation... I was very impressed with my consultation with Mr Karidis. Mr Karidis made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions.

Outstanding in every way This is my second breast augmentation with Mr Karidis - my first experience was amazing as were the results! Second time around and once again my experience was faultless. The whole team are amazing from front of desk and Rose, to the lovely nurses pre and post-op! The after care given, which is also important, is second to none and I cannot recommend Mr Karidis enough. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and giving me back my confidence!

I have my Botox with Karolina. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and advises me on what would look good and not so good on my face. She is a person I can trust!

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We regularly send exclusive offers as well as new treatment news and exciting updates to Karidis patients and followers.
You can receive these too, we promise it's worth it because we think you are!

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