Mastopexy Before and Afters

Breast Uplift Mastopexy Before and Afters by Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe

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Breast Uplift Before and Afters

Breast Uplift

A breast uplift or mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery procedure to reshape and raise the breasts without changing the volume of the breast. Whether due to gravity, pregnancy and breastfeeding or weight fluctuations, many women feel that their breasts have lost their shape or firmness. Often, they can sag low on the chest wall with the nipples starting to point downwards.

A mastopexy can remove excess sagging skin and reposition the breast tissue higher on the chest wall. The nipples can be repositioned and even resized. A breast uplift can be performed with a breast reduction or breast augmentation if breast volume is also an issue.

Breast Uplift Results FAQs

When will I see my breast uplift results?

Although your new, improved breast shape will be apparent immediately after surgery, however there will continue to be subtle changes to the breasts for up to six months after surgery as your body heals.

How long do breast uplift results last?

This varies from patient to patient. Some experience long-lasting results, while others may require a minor revision in the future, as surgery does not prevent the natural ageing process and its effect on our skin and tissue.

How can I maintain my breast uplift results?

Although our skin elasticity is determined by our genetics, you can help to maintain your mastopexy results, by avoiding prolonged sun exposure, avoid weight fluctuations, as well as wear proper support.

Breast Uplift at Karidis Clinic Reviews

“I recently had a mastopexy and breast augmentation. The results I have had a better than I ever expected. Mr Karidis is a friendly and welcoming surgeon who I trusted from the first appointment. I'm thrilled with the results, they were better than I ever thought and I can't thank him enough. The whole process was great - all the nursing staff were amazing and the post surgery care was great, very reassuring. I was very well looked after and my scar are minimal which shows was a great surgeon Mr Karidis is. There was some pain and discomfort as is expected after a major operation but it was managed well and was for a limited time - and most importantly the results were completely worth it. Thank you to Mr Karidis and his whole team who made it such a pleasurable experience. I would certainly recommend the clinic to friends (in fact already have).”

“I couldn't be happier with my results with my Breast Uplift Mastopexy. The minimal scaring and pain was amazing! Mr Karidis was an exceptional surgeon and has boosted my confidence so much. The whole experience was super easy and professional. I instantly put my trust in Mr Karidis and his team from my first consultation to my most previous check up. I also have to mention my nurse Lou who has been an amazing and so caring! Was always there to help whenever I needed. I couldn't recommend Mr Karidis and his team enough!”