Cosmetic surgeon, Mr Alex Karidis MD FRCS vlog announcement

Leading surgeon Mr Alex Karidis MD FRCS will be regularly vlogging about all things surgical from breast to male chests, what non-surgicial procedures he recommends & why, plus answering all your commonly asked questions online

A Day In The Life of a Surgeon

We took a look behind the scenes of a day in theatre at the Karidis Clinic with cosmetic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis.

Where do facelift scars go?

Where do facelift scars go? Mr Alex Karidis explains his technique.

Facelift Chemosis – What is it and how long does it take to heal?

What is facelift chemosis and how long does it take to heal? Mr Alex Karidis explains.

My Facelift at 50 Journey | Karidis Clinic Real Life

Karidis patient shares her facelift at 50 journey from decision making to recovery and beyond. At Karidis Clinic with Mr Alex Karidis.

What skincare should I use before and after surgery?

Karidis clinic speaks to Ayesha Awwad of Cosmedix to discover the best skincare to use before and after facial surgery.

Alex Karidis on ITV’s This Morning

Alex Karidis explains the fantastic procedures undertaken to help improve a patient’s dull skin to make her look youthful and energetic using his unique non-surgical procedures.