Male Rhinoplasty Patient Story

  Male rhinoplasty or nose surgery can be performed to improve both form and function. As the nose is the central feature of the face, this surgery can have a dramatic impact on a patient’s appearance. In this video, our patient Daniel chats to Mr Karidis at his one-month check-up and explains how his male rhinoplasty […]

Facelift Patient Story

After a laser resurfacing treatment for acne scarring twenty-five years ago left her with scarring and poor skin texture, Emma’s confidence was rock bottom. Over the years, she tried lots of different non-surgical treatments, spending many thousands of pounds in the process, but nothing addressed the skin sagging and jowls, so she started researching facelift […]

Tummy Tuck Patient Story

“I went on holiday six weeks after my operation and wore a bikini for the first time in 15 years (something I never thought I would do again!). The whole process from start to finish has been rather amazing. I now have a Barbie tummy and some great new friends. I’m so happy. Thank you!” […]

Rhinoplasty Patient Story

“I feel so much more confident. And even though my new nose hasn’t changed my face entirely in how I look in comparison to how I looked before, it has changed so much within me.” Our lovely patient Karolina, 30, recently let us join us on her rhinoplasty journey. She underwent the nose reshaping surgery […]

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Compression Garments

Leading London gynaecomastia surgeon Mr Alex Karidis explains why he redesigned our male breast reduction surgery garments that we offer to all patients who undergo surgery with us. For more information, call us on 0203 553 3823 or email us at

Mr Alex Karidis on Breast Implant Removal

Leading London breast augmentation surgeon Mr Alex Karidis covers breast implant removal and replacement. For more information, call us on 0203 553 3823 or email us at

Mr Alex Karidis on Choosing a Facelift Surgeon

Leading London cosmetic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis explains what you should look for in a facelift surgeon. Reading up on the procedure so you’re fully informed and then having a few consultations is a must. For more information, call us on 0203 553 3823 or email us at

Eyelid Lift Surgery Patient Testimonial

Maureen previously had facelift surgery at the Karidis Clinic 15 years ago. She was really happy with her facial rejuvenation surgery results but recently she felt like she should have a refresh, particularly around the eyes. On the day of her blepharoplasty surgery, she talks to us about what made her return to the Karidis […]

Leading Cosmetic Surgeon allays fear for women with textured implants

As the FDA reports an increased cases of cancer linked to textured breast implants, leading surgeon Mr Alex Karidis who performs over 150 breast augmentations a year, alleviates some potentially unnerving messages released in recent news and offers an insight to what next steps.

Breast augmentation: unders and overs

Leading surgeon Mr Alex Karidis discusses placing implants under the muscles other than over the muscle and why a patient might require this, a decision usually made by your surgeon. Mr Karidis also discusses how this can affect recovery.