Velashape III is the name of the device and is the third generation of the Velashape body contouring family.

The new device has a higher energy density for improved heating of the tissue and better energy delivery to the fat layer, resulting in circumferential reduction after just one treatment. VelaShape III is CE marked for body contouring and FDA cleared for circumferential reduction of the abdomen, bottom, thighs and love handles.

Quick Reference


From 20 minutes

Anaesthesia Used



Pacemaker, metal work in treatment area, pregnancy, breastfeeding, neuropathic disorders, impaired skin sensation, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, open or infected wounds, skin conditions, impaired skin healing



Final Result

A smoother more firm appearance to skin. Reduced cellulite and decreased circumference. In some cases lifted, more toned effect to knees, bottom and stomach area

Suitable for

To treat cellulite and skin elasticity

Price Information

From £200

1 Session £200, 3 Sessions £540, 6 Treatments £1,000


The Vela Product line is the only non-invasive body shaping product to combine four different technologies including IR (infrared), Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency) and mechanical tissue manipulation using pulsed vacuum and massage rollers.

The combination of the IR and vacuum coupled RF technologies causes deep heating of the connective tissue including the fibrous septae which in turn promotes an increase in collagen depositing and local cellular metabolism resulting in a localized reduction in skin laxity and volume.

The additional mechanical tissue manipulation of the Vela causes an immediate increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage, both essential components for healthy skin structure.

More than 3.5 million independent treatments have been performed globally to date confirming both the safety and unique efficacy of this technology.

The non-invasive Vela line is the only system to combine 4 technologies creating a synergistic effect when treating the appearance of the skin. The unique mechanism of action of this product line enables a very safe, comfortable and effective procedure which has been proven in numerous clinical trials and in over 3.5 million independent treatments.

The Vela treatment can be applied to any body area that may need contouring: thighs, abdomen, arms, flanks and more. Wherever cellulite is bothersome for a patient, the Vela line of devices offers an effective solution to help solve the problem.

The Vela treatment is recommended for normal to overweight patients who suffer from unsightly cellulite in the pelvic region, around the hips, abdomen, or lower limbs. For optimized results, these patients should also be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The treating clinician has the final determination for choosing the best candidates for the treatment.

An improvement in the appearance of the skin can be observed in as few as 1-2 treatments. For optimal results, it is recommended to complete the recommended treatment protocol of 4-6 treatments. The treating clinician will determine the optimum number of treatments for the patient based on the patient’s areas of concern.

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