Harmony ClearLift laser treatment is a skin-firming, volumising and revitalising procedure with little to no downtime.

The laser treatment uses unique patented technology which applies revolutionary photo-acoustic, remodelling collagen fibres, resulting in the ultimate anti-ageing procedure. Firming the skin, adding to its volume and vitality and all without any pain or downtime.

It is also quick — in as little as 30 minutes (our lunch time laser!). No wonder it’s such a popular treatment at our London clinic, chosen by busy professionals and celebrities alike. The entire face and neck can be treated, including dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Six treatments may be required — however some patients are able to see results after just one treatment

Quick Reference


From 30 minutes

Anaesthesia Used



Little to none

Final Result

Firmer, plumper and more rejuvenated skin after as little as one week after

How much does ClearLift cost?

From £300. Package prices available.

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