3 ways to improve results of your CoolSculpting treatment

CoolSculpting is no longer offered at Karidis Clinic. Call us on 0207 432 8727 or email us at enquiries@karidis.co.uk to find out what exciting new body reshaping treatments we offer.


Have you booked or thinking of booking a CoolSculpting body contouring treatment?

Here’s how you can get the most out of your treatment, in three easy ways:

1. SCULPT– short on time? NEW CoolAdvantage CoolSculpting treatment is the latest express treatment to target stubborn areas of fat FAST. 2. SUPPORT– did you know wearing a Macom garment is ideal to help maximise your silhouette after a CoolSculpting treatment. The new Ultimate Sculptor is particularly useful for targeting stubborn areas of back fat above the bra line.

3. PERFECT– book a mini Hydrafacial treatment while CoolSculpting is doing the hard work. This means you can save even more time AND leave with flawless, glowing Hollywood skin.

Why the new Macom garment Ultimate Sculptor will help you see even better results with your CoolSculpting treatment:

  • Abdominal and high-back binding slimming compression corset with adjustable straps and adjustable front fastening hooks.
  • This corset cinches the abdomen and compresses the stomach but is also long enough to cover the hips and high enough to cover the back.
  • Because it covers the back it’s ideal for compressing small pockets of fat at the top of the back around bra straps.
  • It is effective at producing that sought after hour-glass shape – ideal under a dress for that special occasion or simply worn every day with jeans.