Alex Karidis talks male tweakments in the Times Magazine

Alex Karidis on Male Tweakments in Sunday Times

The news that Prince Harry has been spotted at one of London’s leading hair loss clinics prompted the Times Magazine to ask beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis to review the rise of male tweakments. An increasing number of men are now aware of the cosmetic treatments available to enhance their looks and they are no longer scared to use them.

While investigating the rise in male cosmetic surgery, Alice interviewed our medical director and consultant plastic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis. Alex is well-versed in the male aesthetic procedures that have become increasingly popular recently, and his renowned expertise, particularly in gynaecomastia surgery in London, has led to a surge in male patients at our clinic in recent years.

Excessive sweating is a common concern for our male patients and they are keen to find a solution to damp palms or sweaty patches on their clothes. Alex explained to Alice Hart-Davis that miraDry is very popular with our male patients because it delivers permanent results.

In her article, Alice also touched on moob removal or gynaecomastia surgery, which is the most popular male cosmetic surgery procedure here at Karidis Clinic. Alex’s innovative stitching technique has established him as one of the UK’s leading gynaecomastia surgeons.

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