Announcement: Karidis launches clinic app

Mr Alex Karidis is delighted to announce the launch of The Karidis Clinic app available for download now for iOS and Android. It is a first of its kind

The Karidis Clinic app will hand hold patients throughout their surgical experience, acting as a timeline informing them at the right moment about the next step in their treatment, surgery, examination or aftercare depending on what cosmetic procedure they are undergoing.   Once downloaded the patient simply chooses the procedure and date they are undergoing in order to receive push notifications relevant at each particular stage during their treatment. For example: “what to pack for your day of surgery” two days before the operation or mood boosting emotional support, right when you need it.

What you can expect to find:

  • Step by step guide through your surgery from the moment you commit right through to recovery
  • Motivational recovery support
  • Real patient experiences
  • Tips on what to prepare for hospital
  • Support with when you should be doing at certain times
  • Alerts of how to keep at optimum health, including nutritional and wellbeing tips from leading experts
  • Timing for further patient care and appointments

Karidis clinic is the first cosmetic surgery practice to deploy this educational app throughout the UK. Download now for iOS and Android.