No needle, no scars. How fat freezing really works

Our senior patient liaison for the Chinese community, Laila Fengyu, blogged about the benefits of CoolSculpting fat freezing on her Chinese blog. Here is a (translated!) extract with some brilliant pictures illustrating before, during and after the procedure. Once upon a time, traditional liposuction used with aesthetic and a suction device was the main option available for […]

You’re Invited: How to Have a Love Affair with Life

Join us for an evening of inspiration, discovery and education…Welcome a new season with positivity, embrace your flirtatious side and find the answers to all your burning treatment questions.With special guests: CoolSculpting expert Esther Loughran and Mr Alex Karidis discuss fat freezing benefits. Hear why the Karidis Clinic now offers CoolSculpting as a non-surgical treatment for […]

60 Seconds with Laila Fengyu

Laila Fengyu has just joined Karidis as a Senior Patient Liaison to assist the Chinese and SE Asian community in finding specialist non-surgical and surgical procedures. With Laila’s bi-lingual skills in Mandarin and English and experience in beauty, she is on hand to match each client’s needs with the perfect face and body treatment for […]

Silimed, Breast Implant Update

Silimed Breast Implants news update by Mr Alex Karidis… As has become apparent from a notice from the UK’s regulatory agency the MHRA, there has been a suspension of the distribution of Silimed silicone implants following the regulatory authorities’ decision to review the company’s technical compliance at Silimed’s manufacturing base in Brazil. This was due […]

How To Dress Your New Assets

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to go for it. Whether you’re all healed, are waiting on your surgery date or still in the research stage, you are not alone. Over 11,000 boob jobs were performed in the UK last year making it the most popular type of cosmetic surgery. But what happens after all the […]

Elle’s (non-surgically enhanced) Body?

I very nearly choked on my butter croissant when I saw Elle Macpherson’s 51-year old body diving elegantly from a yacht whilst holidaying recently. Looking at her in a barely-there fluoro bikini, I was in total awe at a body many (including myself!) could only dream of but I’m also in disbelief at how someone […]

Understanding the cost of cosmetic surgery

The cost of any cosmetic surgery, inevitably plays a role in the decision making process.  Nobody likes to be duped and so people usually want to do their “market research” in order to establish that they will be paying the going market rate for any surgery they may want to undertake.  The question is how […]

When is Ultherapy an alternative to a facelift?

If you’re keen to firm, tighten and lift sagging skin but fearful of going under the knife or it’s not quite the right time for a facelift, then Ulthera ultrasound therapy may be the non-surgical alternative for you. Read more about ultherapy and the impressive results we’ve seen for the face, neck and jaw-line at […]

Fact or Fiction: The truth about chemical peels

There are lots of myths and rumours about chemical peels and as a result patients can be apprehensive about the treatment due to common misconception. Like any cosmetic treatment, there are risks and benefits. However, patients who have had the treatment tend to find the results to be extremely pleasing. Let’s focus on separating fact from fiction, […]

10 Things You Should Know About Dermaroller Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is a cosmetic procedure I am regularly asked about by patients. I’ll try to answer the most frequently asked questions about the treatment and its benefits. Micro-Needling is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure using collagen induction therapy (CIT) and uses a Dermaroller. A Dermaroller is a small, handheld rolling device covered with tiny needles. These […]