Mr Alex Karidis comments on Love Island cosmetic surgery secrets in Mirror

We are now a couple of weeks into Love Island‘s winter season and as well as speculating on which couples are going to last the distance, we’re also trying to figure out what aesthetic tweaks the contestants have undergone. The emergence of younger photos of identical twins Jess and Eve Gale confirmed what many suspected; […]

Eat well to heal well: the top 10 foods you should be eating after cosmetic surgery

What we eat is one of the most important factors in our overall health and can influence our physical, mental and even emotional wellbeing. This is particularly critical after undergoing surgery, as any cosmetic surgery procedure involves an element of trauma to the body. We asked Nutritionist Yvonne Wake which are the top ten foods […]

Karidis Clinic Give Sun Journalist the Love Island Treatment

ITV has rolled out its first winter offering of  Love Island, launched just after the festive season when none of us is feeling particularly beach body ready. Just before the last series, the Mental Health Foundation surveyed more than 4,500 young people about body image and the impact of shows such as Love Island. Almost […]

Male cosmetic surgery: the techniques and demands

As perceptions of ageing and the need for ‘self-care’ change, more and more men are finding it acceptable – even necessary – to seek cosmetic rejuvenation in a bid to boost self-esteem. In an increasingly challenging global financial environment, the way that others perceive you can have a significant impact on your fiscal and social […]

Cosmetic surgery trends in 2020

With a new decade in front of us, we take a look at the aesthetic trends that look to dominate and the ever-changing face of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic Surgery Trend: The Breast Option Breast augmentation with implants remains as popular in our London cosmetic breast surgery clinic as ever. Still, recent concerns over the safety […]

The Lip Lift Featured in Get the Gloss 2020 Beauty Trends

Mr Alex Karidis has just been featured in Get the Gloss’ round-up of beauty and wellness trends that will make it big in 2020 with his innovative Lip Lift procedure. Promising more natural-looking results than dermal fillers, the Lip Lift is a quick and effective surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. Scars are hidden […]

New to Karidis Clinic: Jaw Slimming

At Karidis Clinic, we are always looking for new treatments to offer our patients. Our consultant plastic surgeon Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe is incredibly skilled in sculpting the face with injectables and can slim the jawline with muscle-relaxing injections. This minimally-invasive procedure can produce a more feminine, V-shape to the lower face with few risks and […]

New to Karidis Clinic: Thread Lift

At Karidis Clinic, we are always excited to offer our patients every possible option. A thread lift is a fabulous alternative to the facelift; producing an instant lift followed by an ongoing boost as collagen-production is stimulated over the following months. As a minimally-invasive procedure, there is less downtime and less chance of potential complications, […]

Cosmetic surgery in the spotlight

To many, Love Island isn’t just a guilty pleasure but actually a highly damaging blight on TV, fuelling a rise in body anxiety in young people. And now presenter Caroline Flack has decided to lean into the controversy further with the announcement of her latest TV venture, a C4 show called The Surjury. Each episode […]

What are the benefits of a breast reduction?

For women who have very large breasts, a breast reduction can quite literally feel like a weight has been lifted from them. Now a new study has shown that young women who undergo a breast reduction procedure before the age of 25 experience lasting benefits ten to even thirty years after their procedure. Quality of […]