The good and bad of Ozempic

Catherine Deneuve famously warned that “at a certain age, you have to choose between your face and your ass” and at no time have her words been so percipient as the Ozempic craze becomes a global phenomenon. Yet, even as Ozempic skyrockets in popularity, so too are we seeing the rise of a side effect […]

Kissable lips for Valentine’s Day and beyond

The mouth is the body’s most visible erogenous zone, and full, plump lips signify youth and attractiveness. So, it’s no wonder your lips take centre stage when romance is in the air. Kissing often serves as the ultimate litmus test, with one study revealing that a poorly executed first kiss can lead to a breakup, […]

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty: Which Is Best?

A closed rhinoplasty is where all incisions are made inside the nostrils, leaving no visible external scarring, however an open rhinoplasty includes these same incisions but also an additional one on the underside of the nose. Rhinoplasty has a long and varied history and is the first recorded cosmetic surgery procedure, with evidence suggesting it […]

Join our experts at Karidis Clinic for live demos and exclusive offers

We are excited to welcome you into our clinic space to meet our team of experts on Wednesday 20th September, between 6pm and 8pm. Have all your burning questions answered by our Karidis Clinic panel, including resident surgeons Mr Alex Karidis and Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe. Expect light refreshments, an opportunity to see and hear about […]

Coming of age: increased demand for a refresh among older male patients

Ageism doesn’t just affect women. In fact, a 2019 Hiscox Ageing in the Workplace Study found that “more men than women feel that their advancing age has adversely impacted their careers.” At Karidis Clinic, we’ve seen a growth in older male patients wanting a dynamic refresh as they remain in an increasingly competitive workforce longer […]

Lip Filler Swelling Stages and Healing

Lip fillers are the most requested procedure in the UK, popular with women of any age that want more enhanced pouts or to reverse ageing changes to the lips. Temporary hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are a highly effective, minimally invasive procedure, but it’s important to be aware that even non-surgical treatments involve some downtime and […]

Smile Line Filler Treatment: Does it work?

The smile lines, known technically as the nasolabial fold, is the crease that runs from the corner of the nose to the mouth and curves around the corner of the mouth. As we age, the fold becomes deeper and forms a shadow. Not surprisingly, our patients often ask how do I get rid of smile […]

Does Profhilo work?

What does profhilo do? Profhilo promises to plump the face without overfilling it and remodel your tissues without changing your face shape. So, surely, it’s the ultimate anti-ageing fix? At Karidis Clinic, we’re passionate about Profhilo and its ability to delay ageing. Still, ageing is an ongoing, dynamic process, and several intrinsic and external factors […]

Lip Filler Migration: Causes & Prevention

Tis the month for romance, so it’s no surprise that interest in lip augmentation with dermal fillers skyrockets in February. However, according to TikTok trends, the hashtag #lipfillermigration tops popular searches. Social media videos of botched lip filler may be compulsive viewing, but for an in-depth view of why lip filler migrates and how it […]

Ultherapy: the Millennial facelift?

Latest figures from the US have found a surge in cosmetic surgery demand post-pandemic, driven mainly by younger women wanting to invest in themselves. The survey of members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that women between the ages of 31 and 45 were not only savvy about their options for facial rejuvenation […]