The Next Big Thing: Our Top 4 Aesthetic Predictions for 2024

If you’ve decided not to make any short-lived resolutions but embrace long-term holistic goals in 2024, you’re likely to be an early adopter of the big swing we’re seeing in the aesthetic industry with its emphasis on regenerative treatments that could slow down or prevent ageing by harnessing the power of our own cells. Combining […]

Profhilo vs Redensity 1

Whether known as skin boosters or injectable moisturisers, a new wave of hyaluronic acid injectables have become buzzwords in the world of aesthetics and increasingly popular with women and men who wish to restore natural radiance. The two gold standard leaders are Profhilo and Redensity 1, and they take an innovative approach to treating many […]

Join our experts at Karidis Clinic for live demos and exclusive offers

We are excited to welcome you into our clinic space to meet our team of experts on Wednesday 20th September, between 6pm and 8pm. Have all your burning questions answered by our Karidis Clinic panel, including resident surgeons Mr Alex Karidis and Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe. Expect light refreshments, an opportunity to see and hear about […]

Can You Reverse Sun Damage?

It is Sun Awareness Week here in the UK, as the British Association of Dermatologists launch their annual, summer-long campaign to raise awareness about the importance of sun protection. This year, the focus is on tackling the misconception that we don’t need to use sun protection here in the UK. As well as protecting ourselves […]

Step into Spring with our favourite aesthetic treatments

Here are a few of our favourite things! We asked our experts to weigh in on their personal faves when it comes to the aesthetic treatments we offer at Karidis Clinic. Cosmetic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis chooses EMSCULPT NEO “My favourite non-surgical treatment we offer is EMSCULPT NEO – as I’ve experienced the benefits myself! […]

Does Profhilo work?

What does profhilo do? Profhilo promises to plump the face without overfilling it and remodel your tissues without changing your face shape. So, surely, it’s the ultimate anti-ageing fix? At Karidis Clinic, we’re passionate about Profhilo and its ability to delay ageing. Still, ageing is an ongoing, dynamic process, and several intrinsic and external factors […]

Ultherapy: the Millennial facelift?

Latest figures from the US have found a surge in cosmetic surgery demand post-pandemic, driven mainly by younger women wanting to invest in themselves. The survey of members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that women between the ages of 31 and 45 were not only savvy about their options for facial rejuvenation […]

The countdown to Christmas is on

It’s just 66 days to Christmas and our social calendars are already getting packed with glam parties, work functions and festive drinks. The good news is that there’s still plenty of time to book treatments that will ensure you look fabulous throughout the festive season. All aesthetic treatments require a certain amount of downtime and […]

Mr Alex Karidis celebrates 25 years

CoolSculpting is no longer offered at Karidis Clinic. Call us on 0207 432 8727 or email us at to find out what exciting new body reshaping treatments we offer.   As we reach a milestone moment at Karidis Clinic – Mr Alex Karidis established his plastic surgery practice at the Hospital of St John […]

International Nurses Day: spotlight on our squad

Every year on 12 May, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world. Karidis Clinic is super-powered by nurses, and we take this moment to honour their hard work and dedication. This year’s International Nurses Day, the focus is on showcasing their incredible work and the difference they make […]