Plastic Surgery Recovery Tips: How to heal quicker

Cosmetic surgery is one of the biggest life choices you make and concerns about the recovery process can be a critical factor in making that decision. Although the post-surgery timeframe and experience will vary from patient to patient and is often procedure dependent, there are certain steps you can take to boost your recovery. Quit […]

What can treat deflated breasts after weight loss?

Losing weight can be a challenge and when you’ve reached your goal, you should be excited and proud of your achievement. However, we see many patients at Karidis Clinic that have been left less than happy with the effect that significant weight loss has had on their figures and, in particular, their breasts. Why do […]

How common are tubular breasts?

What are tubular breasts? Tuberous or tubular breasts are a relatively common breast condition, but many women are not aware they may have it or feel very uncomfortable discussing it, so it can be challenging to estimate how many women may be affected. It is also very under-researched, nor do we even know exactly what […]

Alcohol After Surgery: How Long Should You Wait

As the festive season approaches, your party calendar may be getting filled up so we thought it was an opportune time to look at alcohol and cosmetic surgery. If you have made the momentous decision to have cosmetic surgery and your operation date is looming, it’s understandable that you may want a stiff drink to […]

Why are my boobs pointy?

Breast development is as unique and individual as you are, but you may not be satisfied with the size, shape, or position of your breasts as they develop. Once your breast tissue has fully matured, you may consider having a cosmetic breast surgery procedure to address any concerns you may have. Firm and full breasts […]

Why Are My Boobs So Far Apart?

Breasts, of course, come in all shapes, sizes and presentations and a common concern for women seeking a breast augmentation is a wider than average chest gap which means they lack cleavage. This issue can be corrected with implants but choosing a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon is a must as incorrect implant choice […]

Breast Uplift with Breast Implants: What you need to know

Breast augmentation surgery with implants remains consistently the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. It is very in demand with younger women who are dissatisfied with their breast shape and size, but equally popular with older women that have seen changes to their breasts whether due to weight changes, pregnancy, or the effects […]

Breast Enhancement Options

Breast enhancement surgery, otherwise known as breast augmentation or commonly called a boob job, is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. Involving the insertion of implants under the breast tissue, it can help to increase the size or alter the shape of the breasts. There are a variety of breast enhancement options, […]

When Do Breasts Stop Growing?

Women often have a love-hate relationship with their breasts which starts early on in life, which is why cosmetic breast surgeries – whether breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast uplift – are amongst the most popular procedures we offer at our central London plastic surgery clinic. What age do your boobs start to grow? A […]

Tubular Breasts: Causes and augmentation options

Many women are dissatisfied with their breasts which is why they seek out cosmetic breast surgery to address issues with their size, shape, projection, and position. Yet, for some women, a relatively common congenital disorder causes the breasts to develop abnormally. What are Tubular Breasts? It is not clear what causes tubular breasts to develop […]