Your options for aesthetic reshaping of the breast

Breast augmentation remains the UK’s most requested cosmetic procedure and is designed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Your options include breast augmentation with implants, fat transfer to the breast and the hybrid breast augmentation, the latter emerging as an increasingly popular choice. Here, we’ll explore what each procedure entails, including safety, […]

Which Breast Implants Look The Most Natural?

Cosmetic surgery trends come and go, and in the early days of breast augmentation, women often wanted larger, attention-grabbing implants. However, Karidis Clinic patients today typically want a more subtle, natural breast enhancement that suits their frame and lifestyle. Here, we will explore what makes breast implants look the most natural, how to achieve a […]

Karidis Clinic in the media

As a leading London plastic surgeon with over 25 years’ experience in performing the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures, Mr Alex Karidis is regularly invited to comment by the press and TV on the latest developments in the field. Recently, he was invited on GB News with Nana Akua to discuss the risks of […]

Join our experts at Karidis Clinic for live demos and exclusive offers

We are excited to welcome you into our clinic space to meet our team of experts on Wednesday 20th September, between 6pm and 8pm. Have all your burning questions answered by our Karidis Clinic panel, including resident surgeons Mr Alex Karidis and Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe. Expect light refreshments, an opportunity to see and hear about […]

How do I know which is the right breast procedure for me?

Whether you have always felt insecure about your lack of breast development, concerned about changes that have occurred over time or because of pregnancy, or you’re uncomfortable with the size of your breasts in relation to your frame, there’s often one aspect of our appearance that we’d like to change. Our breasts come in all […]

Tipping point: cosmetic breast surgery and your nipples

Cosmetic breast surgery – whether augmentation, reduction, or uplift – is some of our most popular procedures and the same nipple-centric questions come up repeatedly in consultation or even on our social media. So, here are the answers to our most frequently asked nipple questions: Will I lose nipple sensation after breast augmentation with implants? […]

Latest UK figures reveal cosmetic surgery boom

The UK’s leading independent plastic surgery organisation, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), has recently released its annual audit and 2022 witnessed a noteworthy boom in cosmetic surgery demand. According to the figures, procedures were up 102% overall last year. A post-Covid rise was expected, but demand was significantly higher than it was […]

Can you speed up your cosmetic surgery recovery?

Cosmetic surgery is one of the biggest life choices you make and concerns about the recovery process can be a critical factor in making that decision. Although the post-surgery timeframe and experience will vary from patient to patient and is often procedure dependent, there are certain steps you can take to boost your recovery. Quit […]

What can treat deflated breasts after weight loss?

Losing weight can be a challenge and when you’ve reached your goal, you should be excited and proud of your achievement. However, we see many patients at Karidis Clinic that have been left less than happy with the effect that significant weight loss has had on their figures and, in particular, their breasts. Why do […]

How common are tubular breasts?

What are tubular breasts? Tuberous or tubular breasts are a relatively common breast condition, but many women are not aware they may have it or feel very uncomfortable discussing it, so it can be challenging to estimate how many women may be affected. It is also very under-researched, and we do not even know exactly […]