Breast Cosmetic Procedure Options Explained

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Options

Breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK and has helped make plastic surgery seem more accessible and acceptable, but enhancing your breasts isn’t your only option. You might have always been unhappy with your breast shape or size, or maybe you’ve seen them change and begin to look less pert or youthful.

Whatever your breast concern, there is a cosmetic breast surgery procedure that can help you achieve a more pleasing appearance to the breast – here’s our guide to cosmetic breast surgery.

Breast augmentation with implants

Still the most performed cosmetic surgery worldwide, breast augmentation with implants is a straightforward and effective method of enlarging the breasts. There are many factors to consider which will be discussed in full during your consultation. This includes the shape, size and projection of your breast implants, where they will be placed in the chest area and which incisions will be used. Mr Alex Karidis will also take into account what you’re hoping to achieve and your frame and existing breast tissue to produce a naturally beautiful result.

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Breast augmentation with fat transfer

Enhancing the breast shape and size with your own fat is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to breast implants as it reduces the potential complications associated with implants. It’s not possible to achieve a more substantial enhancement with fat transfer, but for a subtle increase of a half cup to one full cup, it can produce beautiful, soft results.

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Breast lift

Age and gravity, weight loss or gain and the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, can all cause the once firm skin and tissue of the breast to droop and sag. A breast augmentation can’t correct this issue on its own and can sometimes make the problem worse, but a breast lift or mastopexy, often combined with a breast augmentation, can restore a more youthful appearance to the breast.

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Breast reduction

While many women may want a breast enhancement, for some, overly large breasts can cause chronic back, shoulder or neck pain and a breast reduction can instantly relieve this problem as well as make the breasts look more proportional to your frame.

A breast reduction, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, entails removing excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts before they are formed into a more balanced and attractive shape. We also offer areola reduction and nipple reduction, designed to reduce large areolas and nipples by reshaping and resizing them for a look which is in proportion to the shape and size of the breasts.

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When considering any cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s essential to find a plastic surgeon that is highly experienced and skilled in cosmetic breast surgery. Call us on 020 7432 8727 to arrange a consultation with Mr Alex Karidis.