Discover Swisscode Skincare

What is Swisscode skincare?

Swisscode is a collection of innovative pure, high-potency concentrates that support daily skincare regimes by providing a gentle boost with an immediate visible effect.

The premium formulas are perfect for enhancing and strengthening the results of all our clinical treatments and procedures.

Why choose Swisscode Skincare?

Created in a Swiss think tank for skin innovation using the latest research, the treatments are designed to promote skin well being and well ageing. The collection of high potency skin treatment skin concentrates use pure active ingredients and plant stem cells.

Free from parabens, alcohol, preservatives. colourants, emulsifiers and irritants, the range is sustainable and environmentally sound.

What are the benefits of Swisscode skincare?

The concentrates treat skin conditions not skin types as they stimulate skin renewal, providing quick and effective solutions for healthy skin with clear visible results, particularly after surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments as results are enhanced.

The innovative formulas work with each other and other skincare.

Swisscode skincare ranges

Swisscode Pure is a collection of high potency boosters, designed to address specific skin needs.

The range includes:

  1. Pure Hyalurin – a hydrating, preparation for procedures, ideal for skin maintenance
  2. Pure Vitamin F Forte – a post-treatment formula
  3. Pure Repair – an anti-inflammatory formula which repairs and supports the skin’s immune system, increasing scar healing time
  4. Pure Genistein – a rejuvenating formula which reduces collage loss and the signs of ageing
  5. Pure MPC – a renewing formula which regenerates skin cells
  6. Pure Kiribirth – an age corrector which protects against environmental aggressors
  7. Pure Dynalift – boosts skin firmness and radiance

Swisscode Bionic is a collection of formulas featuring cutting edge plant stem cell technology, designed to repair and rejuvenate.

The range includes:

  1. Stem Cell Recovering Complex – designed to correct and protect stressed skin
  2. Stem Cell Age Control – a powerful age reverser and skin enhancer
  3. Stem Cell Radiant Elixir – designed to rebalance, clarify and enhance the skin’s appearance

If you want to find out more about Swisscode skincare and how the innovative formulations – handpicked by our skincare specialists – can boost your next treatment, contact us at the clinic, where you can enjoy a complementary skin analysis and trial samples.