Elle’s (non-surgically enhanced) Body?


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I very nearly choked on my butter croissant when I saw Elle Macpherson’s 51-year old body diving elegantly from a yacht whilst holidaying recently. Looking at her in a barely-there fluoro bikini, I was in total awe at a body many (including myself!) could only dream of but I’m also in disbelief at how someone could have a figure of a girl in her mid twenties. ‘The Body’ really isn’t wilting under gravity’s pressures, is it? The obvious effects ageing has on the body will naturally be hard to fight but clearly NOT for Elle.

With her career reputation she obviously has added pressure to stay in great shape – after all, media’s harsh eye and wicked tongue wouldn’t let a banana roll go unnoticed! Does Elle’s body have more to do with genetics or is it simply a devout commitment to fierce daily exercise, a strict diet and not a gram of sugar passing through ones lips? A combination of both we are sure.

The question that’s also on my mind (and I’m sure yours) is has she had and surgical tweaks? While a surgeon’s lips are sealed as tight as he stitches, we will never know but with her likely knowledge, wealth and time we are sure she’s aware of the non-surgical options available to improve her body. Non-surgical body treatments would leave no trace of scaring or altering, purely enhancing. Radio frequency, ultrasound waves, cryoliposis (the technology used by Cool Sculpting) are just a few of options to sculpt, tighten, shrink and tone skin – without the scalpel.

How does Mr Alex Karidis, the UK’s top surgeon feel about these non-surgical alternatives to a surgical nip ‘n tuck?

“Looking closely at Elle’s body, it’s certainly impressive for a woman her age. New advances in non-surgical devices and techniques mean no surgical incisions are necessary, which means no visible scarring. Non-surgical treatments are becoming increasingly popular for women like Elle who are maintaining a youthful look but are undoubtedly faced with nature’s signs of natural ageing.”

“Ultrasound or Cryolipolysis are far more effective in hard to tweak areas when coupled with a healthy lifestyle and good eating regime as it’s easier to tighten loose skin without having to reduce large amounts of fat. It’s possible Elle has these types of treatments to keep the skin on her stomach, thighs and bum tight and toned and maintain that figure over the years. The fact these treatments leave no trace is an increasing bonus for a huge number of my patients and one of the most effective ways to maintain a wow-body whether you are Elle or not.”

Whatever it is Elle has up her svelte sleeve, we hope it’s more than discipline and hard work, so we can all at least feel in with a chance of looking nearly as good in a itsy bitsy bikini, even if it is at 31!