Plastic Surgery Recovery: Everything you need to know

Cosmetic surgery recovery

Following on from our last blog post that focused on the rhinoplasty recovery process, here’s a rundown of the downtime you can expect after some of the other cosmetic surgery operations we offer. All procedures and patients are different but, from the immediate downtime to the full recovery period that can last weeks or even months, the healing process can be a lengthy journey and patience is always essential.

We also asked for insights from some of our past patients on how they handled the healing after their surgery.

Recovery after facial rejuvenation surgery

Patients often think that they will be out of action after a facelift for up to a couple of months but, in reality, most patients feel comfortable facing the world within a few weeks. An eyelid lift recovery is usually even quicker – incisions in the upper and lower lid are hidden in natural creases of the eye, heal very quickly and can be camouflaged quite easily.

Our patient Jess had a lower facelift and an upper and lower eyelid lift a few years ago and had this advice: “It looked very dramatic immediately after the operation, but I felt fine inside. I had prepared well for surgery and the recovery period. I took the time to heal and it was almost spiritual. I was documenting my recovery and every day I would take a new photo.

“The eyes healed very quickly, and I felt comfortable and myself after three weeks. I was back at work and even met my next boyfriend three weeks after surgery and he didn’t even notice I’d had anything done.”

Cosmetic breast surgery recovery

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic breast surgery procedure and typically has the quickest recovery process. Patients can return to work after a few days if they have a sedentary role and can resume exercise between four and six weeks post op. After a breast reduction or breast uplift, patients typically return to work after a week and can see their final results at about six months.

Concerns about the recovery period had held breast reduction patient Beth back for many years. “I was worried that I would be immobile for quite a long time after surgery, but I was back at work within a week. Admittedly, taking things very easily and carefully, trying not to stretch and wearing the support garments they recommended. It was one of the things that had made me put it off for many years, but the downtime was so minimal; it really isn’t anything to worry about.”

Recovery after body contouring surgery

Depending on the extent of fat that is removed, or the number of areas treated, patients can usually return to work and normal activities a week after liposuction. Following an abdominoplasty at our London clinic, the recovery process is often similar to that after a C-section. Most return to work and resume normal activities between two and four weeks after surgery.

Mr Alex Karidis will recommend you wear compression garments for up to two months as it helps to reduce swelling. Most of this swelling will subside between two to three months, but you may have residual swelling for over a year.

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