Facing the future

The future of facial rejuvenation

CoolSculpting is no longer offered at Karidis Clinic. Call us on 0207 432 8727 or email us at enquiries@karidis.co.uk to find out what exciting new body reshaping treatments we offer.


As this challenging year draws to a close, it’s no wonder that we are all feeling fatigued and ready for a refresh. So, what’s the future for fighting ageing?

Light touch facial rejuvenation

Renowned for his stitching technique, Mr Alex Karidis’s facelift minimises trauma to the tissue. “As surgeons we all differ, and some are more heavy-handed than others. Some lean on or stretch the tissues more and the recovery will be longer,” Alex explains. “I deal with tissue in a much more deft and delicate manner so the patient will recover quicker, and it won’t be as painful.”

The upper lid bleph is also a small procedure with big results. “You have to be careful not to trivialise any surgical operation,” Alex warns, “but this is a very quick, not very complex procedure that can produce a dramatic transformation.”

No-knife facelift

Non-surgical alternatives to the facelift are becoming ever more sophisticated. However, although many technologies promise to tighten and lift the skin, they often fail to deliver. Ultherapy has fast become the gold standard for safe and effective treatment.

Ultrasound energy kickstarts collagen and elastin production which slows down as we age and it is particularly effective at producing targeted results, such as the brow lift or jaw lift. As the brow begins to descend, the neck becomes less defined and the jawline starts to sag, Ultherapy produces great results for those with mild to moderate skin ageing.

Facial sculpting

CoolSculpting has long been heralded as a game-changer in the body contouring market. FDA approved since 2010, it has developed from a spot treatment of unwanted lumps and bumps to a non-invasive alternative to lipo.
Recently, it’s also become an effective treatment for targeting fat under the chin and jawline which is resistant to diet and exercise as it’s often a genetic predisposition or due to ageing. With no downtime, a more defined jawline and chin gradually emerge as the frozen fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body.

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