Gynecomastia and me: Why I decided to have surgery

Dan Yeomans is a patient at Karidis clinic and is booked in for gynecomastia surgery after several years of battling with the condition. We spoke to Dan to learn more about why he’s decided to have the procedure and his feelings about gynecomastia.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Dan, a 26 fitness enthusiast through and through. I am a simple guy that loves and enjoys the little things in life. I am currently the operations manager for a well known meal prep company and I live and breathe the health and fitness lifestyle and it is my main passion in life.

When did you first notice you might have gynecomastia?

My case of gynecomastia first became noticeable around 2012. It was in the changing rooms, post rugby match where someone pointed it out and that’s when everything changed and it progressively got worse.

How does it make you feel day to day? Is there anything the issue has prevented you from doing?

Day to day, day to day is tough I won’t lie. It is a constant reminder that I am flawed, I have an imperfection that’s noticeable and it effects the things I am mostly passionate about, one being competing. I am the two times Welsh Physique Champion and I aimed for my third win last September but it was denied and I was placed second purely down to my gynecomastia being prominent on many poses.

Competing is a lifestyle, it isn’t a hobby – it is my life. I prepare five to six meals a day and train two to three times every day so the dedication required is second to none and rarely matched in any other sports. I love it, I live for it.

To come second after 12 weeks of relentless dieting, hard work, literally blood, sweat and tears because of gynecomastia mentally effected me in a big way. I stopped training, became very unhealthy in my eating and put a stop to my training. So yes, it’s had a deep mental effect on me not just physical. That’s why I needed to take action.

What motivated you to get in touch with Mr Alex Karidis?

After pulling myself out of the hole from the loss I decided I wasn’t done with competing and there was a LOT left out there for me to achieve so I set about my research and looked into the surgery and that’s where Mr Alex Karidis came in.

Had you ever considered surgery before – how do you feel about the procedure ahead?

I have never considered surgery before and this will be my first time, a scary time for sure. There are a lot of uncertainties and unknowns but Mr Alex Karidis and his team have been nothing but supportive in all areas and I put my full trust in their hands! They make the whole process very easy going.

How have your family and friends and colleagues responded to your decision to have your gynecomastia treated?

My friends and family are supportive, they understand the passion I have for competing and being at the top of my game. They stand by my decision and look forward to the results and seeing me back on that stage pushing to be at the top.

What are you looking forward to the most after your surgery?

Simple…wearing a t-shirt without the prominent display of gynecomastia along with being able to go shirtless or even book a holiday and not have to worry about the sheer embarrassment of my condition. That alongside being back on stage, there’s multiple things I look forward too!

Have you had any fears relating to the procedure? If so, how have you overcome them?

Of course, I believe anyone will feel uneasy about ‘going under the knife’. How am I getting over this? Simple, by not focusing on the negatives but focusing on the positives. How will I feel being able to take my shirt of with no second thoughts? How will it feel being on a beach and not having this forever playing on my mind? Bloody great that’s how I’d feel! To overcome the fears has been easy when I know the relief will be so great.

What would you like to say to other men who feel they are suffering from this condition?

Why are you waiting? Seriously, what are you waiting for? Re-gain control of your life, your confidence and return to your former self. This is such a common procedure that there isn’t any need to be worried, especially when you have the reassuring team at Karidis behind you. Just do it, book a consultation and speak to someone about it. It may very well be the best thing you ever do.

To book a consultation today with Mr Alex Karidis please email or call 0207 432 8727. We will be pleased to help with any questions you have.