How to avoid boob greed with breast augmentation

How to avoid boob greed after breast augmentation

So, you’ve decided to proceed with a breast augmentation, had comprehensive consultations with your surgeon, discussed your concerns, desires, and expectations from the surgery, and finally agreed on your implant size. This can be the most stressful part of the process, as many women worry about looking too big and unnatural after a breast augmentation. So, it’s often a surprise to them when they wake up after the operation and their first thought is that their new breasts are too small.

What is boob greed?

‘Boob greed’ is the informal term to describe a common phenomenon after a breast augmentation. A week or so after a successful operation, a woman starts to second-guess her choice and wishes she’s opted for a bigger implant. Even though her breasts look larger, fuller, and more aesthetically pleasing, it can even drive some to think about undergoing a secondary augmentation procedure.

Breast augmentation surgery is not an exact science. It is impossible to predict precisely how a specific size or shape implant will look on an individual patient and the precise cup size they will achieve, but Mr Alex Karidis is a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon. During your consultation, he will be able to offer expert and unbiased advice on which implant will best suit you and fulfil your expectations.

How do I choose the right size implant for me?

Here are some factors to take into account when choosing your breast implant:

  • Try to have realistic expectations and be able to communicate these to your cosmetic surgeon so they fully understand what you’re hoping to achieve.
  • Think about how your lifestyle will be affected by this procedure. If you’re very active, you may want to consider smaller implants, as larger implants may impede certain forms of exercise.
  • Appreciate how breast augmentation surgery may affect your personal or professional image.
  • Similarly, be honest about your personal preferences – if you have always wanted larger breasts, don’t feel you have to choose smaller implants to fit in with some ideal.
  • Although you may want to ask the opinion of those close to you, don’t be swayed by friends and family. Your opinion is the most important one.

There are also certain physical factors to consider. One is the amount of existing breast tissue you have. If you already have a certain amount of breast tissue, you may not need as large an implant as those with less tissue. Your body type is also considered; taller women with broader shoulders can support a larger implant.

By focusing on the general breast shape and size you would like to achieve, Mr Karidis will be able to advise you on what shape and size implant should deliver the results you desire, to also suit your body shape and size. Remember everyone is different.

How do I know if my breast implants are too big?

The opposite of boob greed is regret that you may have gone too big. Personal preference is always vital, and it may be that you feel that your new breasts don’t suit your lifestyle, prevent you from exercising as you may want or even limit what clothes you feel you can wear. The very antithesis of what you were hoping to achieve by having a breast augmentation.

However, there are also physical implications to going too big. The weight of the larger implants can stretch the skin, causing the breasts to sag. They can also leave too much space between the breasts, creating an unnatural cleavage gap. Women can even experience neck, back and shoulder pain and issues with posture and balance.

In extreme cases, women may even experience shortness of breath as the implants sit on the chest or suffer from insomnia as it is challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position.

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, our advice to our patients is always to be patient. During the healing process, there will be a degree of swelling in the soft tissues and muscle tightness that will subside in the weeks and months after surgery, and it’s always best to wait at least three to six months to assess your final results. As your implants settle in their new position and fill out the lower half of the breast, they can look bigger as they give the breasts a fuller, rounder contour.

For more advice on choosing the ideal breast implant size for you, call 0207 432 8727 to arrange a consultation with Mr Alex Karidis.