How to prepare for a facelift?

How to prepare for a facelift

Once you make the important decision to proceed with facelift surgery, it’s not surprising that you may be feeling a little overwhelmed on how best to prepare for your upcoming operation.

During your consultation, Mr Alex Karidis will discuss how best to prepare for a facelift and our patient co-ordinators will always be on hand if you have any questions. We are also relaunching our Karidis Clinic patient journey app with updated information on our key surgical procedures. The app provides a step-by-step guide on how best to prepare, what to expect on the day of surgery and how to maximise your recovery process.

The Karidis Clinic app works by selecting a treatment and day of treatment. Once a treatment is selected it will be displayed on a timeline and the app will send push notifications about the next steps in a patient’s journey.

3 tips on how best to prepare for a facelift

#1 Quit smoking!

This is one of the most important choices you can make in the run up to surgery and we advise patients to stop smoking as soon as possible. As well as increasing the risk of surgical complications, nicotine and the effect it has on the body’s ability to heal can leave you with less than desirable facelift results.

#2 Up your nutrients

Embracing a healthy and varied diet as you prepare for facelift surgery is important for a speedy recovery, as lengthy surgical procedure and a general anaesthetic can deplete the body of valuable nutrients. It’s also advisable to be at or near your ideal body weight, as future weight fluctuations can result in further skin sagging.

#3 Be prepared for afterwards

Prepare yourself for the recovery process by making sure you have someone to look after you in the first couple of days, by stocking up on lots of healthy, easy-to-prep foods and by making sure your home is set-up for a stress-free recovery.

Wash your hair the night before your op as it will be several days before you can wash your hair afterwards. Make sure you have any medication you require, including pain relief, although we will give you advice on which ones you’ll have to stop taking in advance of your operation, such as aspirin or other blood-thinning medication.

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