How to survive the British Summer Social Season

excessive sweating treatment

The British Summer Social Season is now upon us with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show taking place in late May and Ascot, Henley and Wimbledon marked in our diaries over the next few months. Whether your passion is for tennis, polo, opera or art, though, the summer months can present a minefield for anyone worrying that excessive sweating could ruin a perfectly fabulous outing.

Summer is also traditionally wedding season and there’s many a bride or groom that might be concerned that sweaty palms or damp patches could spoil their big day. For two million of us in the UK, though, excessive underarm sweating is a constant struggle that interferes with every aspect of their daily lives, from the professional, personal to the social.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Sweating is a normal function of the body which is essential to keep the body at a steady temperature and, for most of us, we only sweat more when we are very hot, or exercising or experiencing a degree of stress and we will quickly return to normal afterwards. However, if you’re suffering from primary hyperhidrosis – which is not the result of an underlying medical condition or medication – then you sweat much more than is required to control body temperature.

The causes of hyperhidrosis are not clear, but it seems the nerves that control our sweat glands and sweat production are more active. It can affect the hands, feet, face, neck, back, groin or legs, but for many people the underarms are the area that is most affected and noticeable to others.

What are the treatment options for excessive sweating?

There are a number of different treatment options for excessive sweating, but they vary in terms of effectiveness and the areas of the body that they can treat.

  • Sweat solution 1: clinical-strength antiperspirants containing Aluminium Chloride can reduce sweat production but can cause irritation and are not effective for very severe cases of excessive sweating.
  • Sweat solution 2: iontophoresis works by passing a low voltage electrical current through the skin of the hands or feet which are immersed in water – special electrodes are required to treat the underarms. A number of sessions are required before you see a reduction in sweating and then follow-up sessions are needed.
  • Sweat solution 3: medications known as anticholinergics work by blocking the chemical that stimulates the sweat gland nerves. However, they work on the body as a whole and so there can be a number of less than pleasant side effects associated with these drugs.
  • Sweat solution 4: Injectables work by freezing the nerves that stimulate our sweat production. This can be a highly effective treatment of underarm sweating, but its effects are temporary, and it can prove costly in the long run.
  • Sweat solution 5: miraDry is an exciting and innovative treatment that produces a permanent reduction in underarm sweating. Electromagnetic energy is safely delivered into the sweat glands, eliminating them, and producing an average 82% reduction in sweating according to clinical trials. As the sweat glands can’t grow back, the results will be long lasting and satisfaction is very high, with over 90% of patients considering themselves to be pleased with the results of their miraDry procedure.

If you would like more information on the miraDry procedure and whether it could be effective for treating your excessive sweating, call 0203 553 3299 to arrange a consultation at the Karidis Clinic.