“I’m using the second lockdown to get into shape for surgery”

breast reduction patient story

Beth had been considering a breast reduction procedure for many years, but she explains how her patient journey has been shaped by events this year.

“I’d been thinking about having breast reduction surgery for many years now but was never in the right place in my life to really contemplate properly going ahead, with having young children and my career.

At the beginning of this year, I decided that perhaps it was time to do something for myself, as it had become much more of a concern every day and definitely, for my health, I thought it was time to take action.

Then obviously lockdown happened, but actually the lockdown meant that I had time to think about what was really important in my life and that I wanted to go ahead with it even more than I had done beforehand.

On the day of my consultation with Mr Alex Karidis, I was really impressed with the measures the clinic took to keep me safe. The paperwork was emailed to me which means I could complete it online beforehand and my time in the clinic was reduced to mitigate any risks.

When I arrived at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, everyone had to wear a mask and my temperature was checked on arrival. I was the only person in reception and there were Perspex screens to separate me from the receptionist. There were hand sanitisers everywhere and the clinic was incredibly clean. I felt very happy and confident.

After my consultation, I decided to go ahead with breast reduction surgery which we planned for January. If anything, this second lockdown has made me even more determined to move forward. It shows how quickly time slips away due to events out of my control. I can’t stand still, or I’ll be too old to reap the rewards!

So, rather than comfort eating through this second lockdown, I’m committed to eating healthily and exercising to ensure I’m in the best possible place, both physically and mentally, for surgery in the new year.”

Mr Alex Karidis explains what motivations he’s seeing in cosmetic surgery patients

“Lockdown has had a profound impact on people’s psyche. You can’t meet up with people, socialise and do all things we are used to doing, so, in some respects, cosmetic surgery becomes an outlet. Some people might have had an issue for a very long time but were never in the right place to go ahead.mr-karidis-small-2

“Now, people may be furloughed or working from home and think I finally have a window of opportunity to address the issue. Financially, they may even be in a better position, as they have been saving on usual daily costs, there has been little chance for holidays and less ability to spend money on entertainment. They can also probably recover and keep it private if they prefer. So, actually now is the perfect opportunity to make a positive choice amongst the uncertainty.”