Introducing the Signature K Facelift

Signature K Facelift

No one is exempt from the ageing process which is why the facelift remains the gold standard of facial rejuvenation procedures. Our patients expect us to deliver unparalleled results which is why we’ve created the Signature K Facelift.

The Signature K Facelift: Bespoke

Every patient is unique with different ageing concerns, which is why the Signature K Facelift is truly bespoke. At your consultation, the degree of facial ageing will be assessed and your expectations from surgery will be discussed.

The aim of the Signature K Facelift is to produce a more youthful, refreshed appearance but one that is always natural and simply rewinds the ageing clock whilst giving no indication that intervention has occurred. Consultant plastic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis combines a complete understanding of facial anatomy and how it is affected by the ageing process, with absolute command of surgical technique to restore perfect volume, harmony and balance. In addition, the specific technique used allows you to wear your hair up if you wish, secure in the knowledge that your scarring will be discreet and minimal.

The Signature K Facelift will also address ageing on the neck, around the eyes and brow to ensure the optimal facial rejuvenation. As a leading London aesthetic clinic, we also offer a wide range of non-surgical treatments, including injectables and skin rejuvenation procedures, that can be combined with the Signature K Facelift to deliver premium results.

The Signature K Facelift: Tailored

Mr Alex Karidis is a highly experienced plastic surgeon that has dedicated his career to mastering facial surgery techniques. His stitching techniques have won awards and he devotes meticulous attention to avoiding any alterations to the hairline or appearance of the ear that might be a sign of facial rejuvenation surgery, as well as minimising any scarring so it is virtually invisible.

“Plastic surgeons are tailors and, just like the clothing industry, you have different standards from haute couture to mass market,” Mr Karidis explains. “We are not all the same; we might be taught the same, but we all have distinctive abilities and it is those differences that contribute ultimately to the scarring, healing and results we can produce.”

“We are operating on the skin, muscle and tissues, and it’s not enough to cobble something together in the hope it will work. It’s more than addressing function, it’s a question of form. And our work can be judged by anyone just by looking at it.

“In the same way that a Saville Row tailor approaches a suit, so we approach the body and face. You are aligning the fabric that is the skin and muscle in such a way that you are not left with an unwanted pleat or seam. The fabric should always flow and be moulded to look perfectly natural.

“In terms of my stitching technique, it’s not just about reducing the risk of complications, it’s also how it performs.”

The Signature K Facelift: Exclusive

Diamond-level patient care is the hallmark of the Signature K Facelift and the cost of the procedure not only encompasses the surgical skill of Mr Alex Karidis, but also all other facets of the patient experience. As soon as you make the decision to go ahead with surgery, you’ll be given a devoted patient co-ordinator who is on hand to answer any questions you may have or help organise any other aspect of your procedure.

All your consultations, tests, surgical and non-surgical operations and follow-up appointments can be conveniently carried out at the St John & St Elizabeth, one of London’s leading private hospitals and where the Karidis Clinic is located. Your Signature K Facelift includes an overnight stay in one of the hospital’s newly refurbished rooms.

Mr Karidis is supported by a highly experienced consultant anaesthetist and nursing staff who he has been working with for many years. We offer 24-hour on-call support after your procedure and your aftercare is also monitored by a the Karidis Clinic’s own dedicated surgical nurse; you will even be shown how to wash your hair post-surgery and given advice on how to reduce swelling more efficiently. You will attend multiple follow-up appointments to check your recovery progress which are also included in the price of the procedure.  Your personal journey is monitored through our Patient Journey App which helps you work through your experience and recovery by recounting the experiences of other patients along the way.

We take a holistic approach to patient care and we are constantly striving to ensure that we offer patients the right support as they take this important and life-enhancing step. We have joined with Integrative Psychotherapist Norman Wright to offer the PaPPS Initiative. This has been designed to support the patient both before and after their surgery, particularly their emotional and psychological wellbeing and to ensure that patients are prepared, mentally and physically, for the changes they will experience prior to and after surgery.

We also offer access to leading nutritionist and wellbeing specialist Yvonne Wake who has devised the Cosmetic Surgery Diet, so you can be in the best possible health before surgery and also sail through the recovery period, as well as maintaining your beautiful results for always.

We also offer all Signature K Facelift patients a complimentary Hydrafacial procedure – more than just a facial, the Hydrafacial reveals glowing, youthful skin and is the perfect finishing touch.

In this recent video, Mr Karidis advises patients on how to choose a facelift surgeon.

For more advice, call us on 020 3811 5982  to book your Signature K Facelift consultation.