Karidis is delighted to announce partnership with Save Face

Karidis is delighted to announce partnership with Save Face accreditation programme. Save Face provides a safe, impartial and accessible service to ensure selecting a practitioner for non-surgical treatments is safe and easy. Being part of Save Face gives Karidis clinic the seal of approval.

Selecting a safe practitioner or clinic for non-surgical treatments can be challenging and daunting especially as the industry is inadequately regulated with added pressure from competition on price, deals and discounts.

For this reason, every year thousands of patients suffer at the hands of untrained practitioners masquerading as trained professionals. Without proper training, the results of any non-surgical cosmetic intervention can be disastrous. When choosing to have a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, selecting the right practitioner is vital!

Save Face was created to offer a centralised register of accredited practitioners so the consumer can search, compare and rate Save Face accredited practitioners and clinics. The consumer then has peace of mind of knowing they have all been individually assessed against a stringent set of standards by a Save Face Clinical Assessor.

Of course price plays a part in choosing where to have a treatment but other factor to consider include quality of care, the consultation process, qualifications of the person administering the treatment, and if the environment is clean and safe from infections or risk of harm.

The practitioners accredited by Save Face, such as Karidis Clinic, have been given the seal of approval for being patient-focussed and delivering safe treatments and products by qualified professionals. Watch the TV advert on why consumers should use Save Face:

Save Face National TV Advert from ashton on Vimeo.

Now that Karidis Clinic is on the Save Face directory we’re inviting you to rate and review us – your valued support will be appreciated.