Love Thy Face

Close-up portrait of a smiling girl with perfect clean skin on white background

For February life coach Carole Ann Rice shares some of her top tips on boosting confidence and loving the face you’re in.


Smiling is an instant attractor – it relaxes others, makes you appear warm and friendly and what’s more, it’s free and contagious!  Always be the first to smile and even on down and dull days, put  on a smile and the world will follow.


Acceptance of ourselves is the key to peace and contentment.  If you are not happy with some of your features learn to enhance the good and disguise the bad. There are millions of make-up tutorials on YouTube or visit a beauty department and have a make-over.


The style of our make-up and wardrobe can also date us so keep up with current trends and ask experts for professional tips such as semi-permanent fixes. Apparently there’s a red lipstick to suit everyone so paint on a new look and enjoy it.


Embrace your individuality – our uniqueness makes us who we are rather than mass-produced Barbie dolls.  Dare to be yourself and make the most of your individuality by emphasising it – ‘Own’  your look then rock it!


Learn to make meaningful eye contact with others – it shows you’re interested and sincere and makes people feel more confident in you.

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