Meet Tammy Manning Karidis Clinic Manager

Meet Tammy Manning, Karidis Clinic’s new Practice Manager. Tammy will be overseeing the day to day running of the clinic, driving our non-surgical and team of surgical nurses and coordinators and bring lots of experience and enthusiasm for the aesthetic industry with her.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love that this industry is not age or gender specific. Cosmetic surgery can enhance someone’s life no matter their age or gender.  I love meeting new patients and assisting them with their chosen journey.


What bought you to Karidis clinic?

Mr Karidis is a well known and respected surgeon.  I like how the Karidis Clinic is located within the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital, which enhances the continuity of care for the patient.  With previous clinics I have worked, I often did not see the patient until they were a week or more post-op however with the Karidis Clinic, the staff and nurses are available immediately before and after the patient’s surgical procedure to assist and give reassurance in person.  The Karidis Clinic also offers a wide range of non-surgical procedures with knowledgeable practitioners trained by Mr Karidis himself.


What inspired you to work in the aesthetics/ surgical industry?

I basically fell into this industry as a theatre nurse in my first nursing role!  I was assigned to the Plastics Specialty and it quickly developed into a passion.  I was recruited from the operating theatre into private practice and have never looked back.  It is an exciting field of medicine, expanding quickly, and becoming widely accepted across a broad range of patient population.


Tell us your biggest career achievement to date?

Nursing is my second career as I attended nursing school after having children!  My children were very proud to see their mother obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and I was very proud to show by example that study and hard work can pay off when chasing your dreams.  Combining my nursing degree with my prior business and customer service background has opened many doors for me and I continue to look forward to sharing my knowledge with staff and patients alike. Even though I have a vast amount of knowledge, I am constantly learning every day as this field of medicine continues to expand and grow.


What are your views on cosmetic surgery?  

When I first started in this industry in the USA, cosmetic surgery was not as widely accepted as it is today, people were often judged negatively for elective surgery and treatments.  People today are more aware of their health and fitness and are working longer before they retire.  As such I believe cosmetic surgery and treatments can sometimes help a person feel their outward appearance matches how they feel inside!  I am very open minded to cosmetic surgery when it is performed in a safe and ethical way.  I have strong belief it should be performed by a specialist trained in a Plastic Surgery Residency. I encourage patients to do their research.


What are you most impressed with currently in our ever beauty evolving industry?

I like that there are many options out there for each individual.  We all approach our best self in different ways.  Surgery is not an option for everyone and the advances in non-surgical techniques leaves no one behind and offers treatments that can be patient specific.  I also like that the industry is becoming more regulated and requires proper training and credentials therefore helping to ensure treatments are safe and appropriate.


Let us into at least one of your top beauty or anti-ageing secrets…

Hydrate, daily exercise, a good consistent skin care regimen to include anti-aging products (you cannot begin too soon!).  For me, injectables and dermal fillers help keep the clock turned back along with non-surgical treatments that focus on skin hydration!  A retinol product is also a must for me.


Tell us a bit about you…

I am an identical twin so I have always had to negotiate and share, therefore I tend to be generous and sharing. I have very good work ethics and love to share my knowledge of the Plastics and Cosmetic Industry.


Who or what inspires you today?

Anyone who finds their passion in life and goes for it!