Meet the team: Maxine Dornon Karidis practitioner

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We’re delighted to welcome Maxine Dornon to the Karidis clinic team. Maxine is Karidis CoolSculpting ambassador and highly trained aesthetician offering face and body treatments alongside Mr Karidis and our team of nurses. She’ll also be on hand to advise surgical patients on non-surgical treatment and product recommendations pre and post operations. We caught 60 seconds with Maxine to find out more about her.

Where did you train?

Cape Peninsula University of Technology- Cape Town, South Africa

How long have you been an aesthetic practitioner/ therapist?

8 years

What inspired you to work in this industry?

I had acne from a very young age and so became obsessed with trying to treat it. I went for many treatments and bought many products and so I decided to study so I would know what to do for myself and be able to help other people with honest advice and personal experience. It grew from there really.

What attracted you to work at Karidis?

The reputation of Mr Karidis and the clinic, the opportunity to work in a professional yet friendly environment with only the best technology and treatments on offer.

Tell us your biggest career achievement to date?

My biggest achievement would have to be making the move from South Africa to London and being successful within the industry here.  With the treatments I have done we are consistently achieving amazing results and this is always a huge achievement too.

What treatment or service do you most enjoy performing and why?

Coolsculpting – I love the results that can be achieved and seeing patients through the journey from beginning to end.

What skincare brands do you favour, personally and professionally?

For me it’s not about the brand necessarily but rather the active ingredients and how they are delivered to the skin. If I had to pick I love Cosmedix.

What would your one desert island product be?

Vitamin C serum or anything that protects and hydrates the skin.

What are your views on cosmetic surgery?

I am definitely pro cosmetic surgery as it has a profound effect on so many aspects of a lot of people’s lives. I am more conservative so would usually recommend early maintenance and non invasive procedures first if there are suitable options.

What are you most impressed with in our ever evolving beauty industry?

I am just impressed that so much can be achieved without surgery, my mind was blown when I first heard about Cryolipolisis and saw the results with CoolSculpting.

And a bit about you – who would your top three dinner guest be?

I was born in Botswana, love reading, travel and adventure activities. I would love to sit down with Sir Seretse Khama the first President of Botswana and talk to him about  the country at the time, his romantic love story with Ruth Khama and his input in making it the country it is today. Id love to have a dinner or 3 with Keith Lemon, he is ridiculously funny and has the best accent in the UK and Trevor Noah (hes also a comedian and has an interesting view on politics)

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