miraDry at Karidis Clinic featured in West London Living

miraDry at Karidis Clinic featured in the press

West London Living‘s Lisa Kjellson’s recently underwent miraDry at Karidis Clinic and is delighted with the results: “Three months on from the procedure, I have thrown away my deodorant as I no longer need it. To say I’m ‘pleased’… is an understatement.”

Does miraDry hurt?

A common question patients ask is whether miraDry is painful, but Lisa explained that the procedure itself was painless.

“Stevie marked up the area of my underarms to be treated and numbed them with local anaesthesia. This was the only slightly uncomfortable part of the procedure as the first few injections stung a bit before the armpits went numb. But the procedure itself was quick and painless – just light pressure on the skin and the occasional sensation of heat.”

Afterwards, Lisa recover quickly with no side effects: “My armpits were a bit sore but I only needed to take painkillers on the day of the procedure when the anaesthesia wore off. While it took a few weeks for the swelling and soreness to completely subside, I didn’t experience any of the other temporary side-effects I had been told could occur.”

In clinical studies of miraDry, 90% of patients were satisfied with the results and Lisa was also: “I knew I could expect a significant reduction in underarm sweat after just one treatment and as I didn’t sweat excessively before, I now barely sweat at all.”

To learn more about the benefits of miraDry, call 0207 432 8727 to book an appointment with Stevie at Karidis Clinic.