miraDry at the Karidis Clinic appears on Get the Gloss beauty review website

miraDry review in Get the Gloss

Our innovative treatment for excessive sweating has just received the seal of approval from Get the Gloss, the UK’s leading authority on everything beauty and health-related. We welcomed writer and hyperhidrosis-sufferer Emma North to the clinic to discover more about the amazing benefits of miraDry and in her just-published review, she explains how miraDry has cured her excessive sweating problem… and changed her life.

Emma had suffered from hyperhidrosis since hitting puberty, and throughout her adult life the condition has dictated what she could wear, what social activities she could get involved with and even how she interacted with her friends.

“As an adult, my embarrassment grew with me. I’d be envious of the chic outfits of co-workers and long to wear light colours but I’d stick to my black T-shirt uniform once again. Hugging people made me grit my teeth, I’d constantly be questioning ‘what if they can feel the damp from my armpits when they touch me?’”

More and more people are learning about the benefits of miraDry. Even if you don’t suffer from excessive sweating but are conscious of the amount you sweat or odour you produce, then it might be time to consider miraDry. And there’s one more benefit you might not be aware of:

“And for me, there was one major bonus side-effect: permanent hair removal,” Emma explained in her review. “Not only does the device destroy the sweat glands, it permanently damages the hair follicles of the underarms too. Just like the laser used during laser hair removal, the electromagnetic impulses of Miradry render the follicle unable to re-grow hair, leaving you with smooth skin.”

So, what was Emma’s final take on her miraDry experience?

“I can wholeheartedly say that this treatment has improved my quality of life so much. I only realise now how much sweating had hindered my life and my choices. I can now wear light-coloured tops, tops with sleeves and lift my arms up to wave. I cannot believe I suffered for so long. My confidence is back and I feel like I have a new body, one that can wear anything without embarrassment.”

To find out more about the benefits of miraDry, call us on 0203 733 5839 to arrange a consultation with one of our miraDry practitioners.