MiraDry Results – A Sweat-Free Summer

Karidis patient Grace Mouser chose to have miraDry treatment to help stop excessive sweating. As she prepares to run the London Marathon we caught up to find out about her miraDry results.

It’s been six months since your miraDry treatment – why did you decide to have it done?

I decided to have miradry as excess sweating had been an issue for me over the past few years and it was something that affected me almost every day. It’s something that can completely knock your confidence and it left me feeling very insecure in my day to day life. I had tried probably nearly every other options on the market and was searching for something that would actually work and was permanent, and that is when I found the miracle which is miradry!

What was it like immediately after the treatment – were you able to go back to work straight away?

Immediately after my treatment the area was numb and I was given ice packs to take home and use for the next 24 hours. The area was a little bit swollen and tender for about 48 hours however this did not affect my normal routine at all. I was able to go back to work the next day and continue training three days later once the swelling had gone down. The ice packs I was advised to use helped to ease any discomfort.

How long did it take to see results?

My treatment started to work really quickly and I started to notice the results in less than two weeks. It was incredible.

You’re running London marathon – what was it like as a runner before the treatment?

Before having the miradry treatment training was another time when I had to think about what tops I would wear to run in and also what I would need after training as there would be the risk of sweat patches so I would often have to use tissues under my arms just try and prevent this from happening.

How has your running and training changed since?

Since having the miradry treatment I now don’t even have to think about anything other than the distance that I am taking on that day. This means no worrying about which training top to wear or having to prepare the right clothes for after my session. I can just go out and complete my run….bliss!

What difference do you think it will make to your run on the big day?

Having the miradry treatment has been completely life changing for me in so many ways and for it not to be an extra worry or weight on my mind while running the biggest race of my life feels incredible. I will not be worrying about my training top discolouring or having sweat patches before I even start. I just can’t wait to get out there and complete it.

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