Mr Alex Karidis celebrates 25 years

Celebrating 25 years

CoolSculpting is no longer offered at Karidis Clinic. Call us on 0207 432 8727 or email us at to find out what exciting new body reshaping treatments we offer.


As we reach a milestone moment at Karidis Clinic – Mr Alex Karidis established his plastic surgery practice at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth 25 years ago – he reflects on how the world of aesthetics has changed and the ethos that still guides our practice.

250+ Breast Operations Performed Each Year

Cosmetic breast surgery is still as popular today as it was when I launched my practice, whether augmentation, reduction, uplift or correction. Over 25 years, we have also welcomed back many past patients who wish to update or enhance their results and it’s an honour that they entrust me to achieve this.”

15 Team Members

“Our philosophy is that the patient should always feel supported and that’s not just down to me – it depends on my whole team.

“Everything we do is patient-centric, and the surgical procedure is only one part of your journey. From the moment someone gets in touch to find out how we can help, through to recovery and beyond – as we never truly discharge someone – you become part of the Karidis family.”

30% Male Clientele

“When I launched the practice, men represented approximately 5% of our patients. Although cosmetic surgery is still very female dominated, men now account for 30% of our clientele. My reputation as a gynecomastia surgeon means that men now seek me out for a wide range of procedures.

54 Years is the Average Age of a Facelift Patient

Facelift surgery has changed greatly over 25 years. As a plastic surgeon, it’s essential that you evolve and think: how can I make this better for my patients?

“Scarring is the particular area I’ve focused on. For me, the scarring is everything. It’s how people rate their results.”

20 Non-Surgical Brands

“Aesthetic trends come and go, but at Karidis Clinic we always put patient safety and satisfaction first, which is why we thoroughly assess a treatment before we offer it.

“We launched our non-surgical clinic in 2007. As a plastic surgeon, I was an early adopter, as many of my peers did not wish to embrace aesthetics at that time. Karidis Clinic now offer the full range of minimally invasive treatments including injectables, fat reduction, skin tightening and laser rejuvenation. Our gold standard brands include CoolSculpting, Exilis, Emsculpt, miraDry, Ultherapy, Profhilo and Hydrafacial.”

1 Hospital

“Unlike many plastic surgeons who operate out of several private hospitals, our clinic is located at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in St John’s Wood.

“The hospital has a continual investment programme and boasts state-of-the-art facilities and technology. Your whole patient journey takes place under one roof; from your first consultation, through your surgery prep, to the operation itself and all follow-ups.”


“The average implant size is still 300 cc and that was the case twenty years ago and it is the same today. Very occasionally you may have a patient that wants an obvious augmentation, but, by and large, my patients have always wanted a natural look and that’s the ethos of my practice.

“The big difference is that we now place most implants under the muscle as that creates a more natural, tapered look to the breast.”

20+ different cosmetic surgery procedures

“There have been big changes in plastic surgery over the last 25 years. Not that the techniques have changed significantly, or new procedures have been developed, but you find new trends arise in the media or other surgeons become renowned for a particular procedure.

“From my perspective, though, I offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures across face, breast and body, so I’ve not found myself maybe as susceptible to changes in trends or the public’s perception of you as maybe a surgeon that is known for one particular skill set.”

400+ 5 Star Reviews

“Mr Karidis is an artist and a genius! Please don’t retire for at least thirty years, Mr Karidis!”

“Second time around for me with Mr Karidis, so that pretty much says it all. I am a returning patient because you simply won’t find a more competent, professional surgeon.”

“I never once felt alone or had any doubts with my choice of surgeon. Thank you so much, Mr Karidis and your team. I’m smiling again and so grateful.”


If you would like to arrange a consultation with Mr Alex Karidis, call 0207 432 8727 to speak to one of the team.