Mr Alex Karidis comments on Love Island cosmetic surgery secrets in Mirror

Love Island Cosmetic Surgery Secrets

We are now a couple of weeks into Love Island‘s winter season and as well as speculating on which couples are going to last the distance, we’re also trying to figure out what aesthetic tweaks the contestants have undergone. The emergence of younger photos of identical twins Jess and Eve Gale confirmed what many suspected; their looks may have been courtesy of a needle or knife.

The Mirror Online asked leading London cosmetic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis to give his expert opinion on whether he felt that the twins had undergone cosmetic surgery before entering the show.

“There are certain areas that look to have been enhanced with surgical procedures for both Jessica and Eve. Both of the girls look to have had a breast augmentation to give added volume and the fuller shape.

“Another area that looks to have had work done is possibly around the bum, where the shape of both of the girls looks to be fuller and lifted to provide more volume and pertness towards the top, resulting in a more ‘peachy’ look.

“This is likely using a procedure commonly referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift.”

Mr Karidis did go onto warn that the Brazilian Butt Lift is under review by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons due to safety concerns and, currently, no BAAPS-accredited plastic surgeons will perform the procedure.

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