Mr Alex Karidis comments on Simon Cowell’s transformation for the Daily Mail

Alex Karidis on Simon Cowell's dramatic transformation

X Factor is back and the biggest shock so far for viewers is how different Simon Cowell is looking. Earlier this year, he claimed that his new vegan diet-induced weight loss was the cause, but it has left fans divided, with some claiming he looks like a completely different person, with others thinking he looks gaunt and unhealthy.

Our medical director Mr Alex Karidis was asked by the Daily Mail to comment on Simon Cowell’s transformation. He explained that the sagging skin that Simon has been afflicted by is an unavoidable consequence of the ageing process – our skin thins and becomes less taut and we also lose volume in the mid-face.

However, this effect has been further compounded by drastic weight loss. There’s a common saying that after a certain age, you have to choose between your face or figure. As Alex explained: “Because Simon has lost weight recently, his skin has started to droop.

“This can be remedied with weight gain, fat injected from other parts of the body or hyaluronic acid.”

So, if Simon doesn’t want to pile the pounds on again, he may want to explore fat transfer or dermal fillers to restore volume in the face and reverse skin sagging. If you’re concerned about facial ageing and what to find out if these anti-ageing treatments could be the solution, call 020 3811 5982 to arrange a consultation.