Mr Alex Karidis speaks out on dermal filler safety on ITV’s This Morning

Mr Alex Karidis speaks out on dermal filler safety on This Morning

 Alex was asked to join Phil and Holly on ITV’s This Morning yesterday as they interviewed 31-year-old Anastasiia from the Ukraine who, having spent thousands of pounds visiting aesthetic clinics, decided it was easier to start injecting her lips and cheeks herself to get the plump, youthful facial contours she loved.

We have certainly seen a surge in clients booking their temporary anti-wrinkle treatments or dermal filler top-ups as soon as the clinic has reopened, but it is worrying that there has reportedly been an increase in ‘DIY tweakments’ during lockdown. Leading London plastic surgeon Alex explained why this is an incredibly dangerous idea.

“If we just put aside the questionable aesthetic results which are obviously down to the individual, there is a reason why injectable fillers should be administered by experienced medical practitioners. There is a considerable amount of skill and knowledge that is required to accurately and safely inject these products.

“Although, rightly speaking, they are fairly safe, there are always potential complications that can occur, even in very experienced hands, including allergic reactions, infections, granulomas, lumpiness, skin necrosis and even blindness. The difference is that a skilled and experienced practitioner can quickly identify and address these problems whereas for a layperson to start injecting these on their own is madness.

Dermal filler safety

Alex was asked by Holly if he was worried about this rise in people self-administering fillers:

“As a medical professional, of course I’m worried about this. We don’t have any accurate data in terms of how many people are doing it, but it does seem to be a growing problem. The situation is not helped by the fact that it is totally unregulated here and you can go online right now and order these products from UK-based websites and there is nothing to stop you injecting it. In America, you have to show a medical license before you can purchase these products. Our current situation in the UK just defies logic.

Phil then asked for Alex’s advice to any viewers who might be thinking about undergoing a filler treatment.

“Just because something is non-surgical, it doesn’t mean it’s non-medical. There are complications and possible risks, so you need to go to someone who has been properly trained. It’s also important it is administered in a safe environment – not your kitchen or bathroom!”

We always love to hear from past patients and Alex’s appearance on This Morning prompted one viewer to get in touch: “Saw you on TV this morning. I had my upper eyelids and under eyes corrected by you and remember you saying that this operation would probably last for at least 10 years. I am 70 now and I’m still complimented on how young I look. This was down to you, and I would like to say thank you. I’m tempted now to have a facelift though!”

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