Mr Alex Karidis talks to Aesthetic Medicine

Our medical director Mr Alex Karidis recently discussed the experience and expertise required to be one of London’s leading plastic surgeons.

‘Mr Alex Karidis is a registered plastic surgeon with the General Medical Council, having dedicated the last 27 years to cosmetic surgery. Practising privately since 1997, he has performed thousands of operations, ranging from routine enhancements to complex reconstructions, honing his surgical skills while deepening his understanding of aesthetic nuances to provide tailored advice and achieve optimal patient outcomes.’

‘AK: There’s a common saying among athletes that to reach an elite level, one must dedicate at least 10,000 hours to their craft. This concept applies equally to surgeons. It takes at least 10,000 hours of operating to develop a level of automaticity where actions become almost instinctive. For instance, when a seasoned footballer like Ronaldo plays, he doesn’t consciously think about his movements; his body automatically responds. This phenomenon, known as muscle memory, is crucial in surgery as well. Mastery in surgery, like in sports, comes with repeated practice and dedication to the craft.’