New to Karidis: Cosmedix products and treatments

It’s always exciting to introduce something new to the clinic and even more so when it’s something innovative for skin. That’s why we’re delighted to welcome Cosmedix to our treatment menu – a clinically smart and botanically-based skincare and treatment range we know patients and customers will love. Here are a few reasons to try Cosmedix in the clinic or at home.

Science meets nature

It’s not often you find a brand that’s passionate about fusing innovation with nature but Cosmedix knows the power plants hold and how they can work synergistically with skin. Products are botanical based without synthetic alternatives and free of artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens and are always cruelty free. Creative technologies are used to ensure they are chirally correct too which means they are molecularly beneficial to skin, and harness the efficacy of botanical ingredients so textures are stunningly smooth and sink into skin effortlessly with natural, inviting scents.

Real proof

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and skincare trials using Cosmedix on real people have shown impressive results. Following a six week trial 91% reported less visible wrinkles, 89% reported less visible pores and improved skin clarity, 90% reported reduced appearance of brown spots and discoloration, and 64% reported more vibrant, healthy and radiant skin.  Cosmedix products are trusted by doctors, aestheticians, skin therapists and consumers around the world so the Karidis clinic is proud to be a partner.

Stronger skin

The aim of Cosmedix products and treatments is to build healthier, stronger skin. Rather than applying harsh, potentially damaging chemicals to your skin when a soothing, naturally-derived and still effective solution is available? Cosmedix don’t believe in paying the price of prolonged downtime or discomfort for beautiful skin.

Treatment menu

All Cosmedix treatments and peels treat specific skincare conditions whether it’s acne, scarring, rosacea or pigmentation, and they will all be available at Karidis clinic. All treatments and peels achieve transformational results without harming skin. Choose from: blueberry smoothie, pomegranate peel, benefit peel, purity peel, blueberry jessner, timeless peel, and deep sea peel.

Want to be one of the first to try Cosmedix at Karidis? Contact the clinic for a complimentary 7-point skin analysis and product prescription today: 020 7432 8727 or email