No needle or knife: women increasingly turning to preventative anti-ageing treatment

Preventative anti-ageing treatment

Every woman wants to age gracefully – and naturally – which is why any treatment that offers preventative anti-ageing without the need for needles or knives is seen as the holy grail in the aesthetics world.

As we know, prevention is better than cure, which is why requests for anti-ageing treatments are becoming increasingly popular with our younger patients, keen to delay ageing on the inside and out.

Recently, US scientists discovered a new way to tackle the ageing process that could make today’s gold standard treatments of filling lines or freezing wrinkles a thing of the past. The concept is to ‘bank’ healthy skin cells when you’re young and then, later on in life, when you’re experiencing facial ageing, the skin cells can be used to reverse ageing.

First, skin cells containing a molecule that stimulates collagen production are harvested. The skin cells can then be delivered into the dermis using a device that uses a jet of air to deliver medications into the skin, rather than a needle.

Scientists at the North Caroline State University tested the concept on mice that had been prematurely aged through UVB exposure; the young stem cells were delivered into the dermis and it smoothed out wrinkles within three weeks. Skin from mice that were treated with the anti-ageing formulation was also 20% thicker than mice that didn’t receive any treatment.

The innovative treatment was also compared to another popular stem cell therapy, known as MSC, an anti-wrinkle treatment that uses stem cells derived from bone marrow, and it was found to be 30% more effective.

The lead researcher, Professor Chen, explained to the journal American Chemical Society Nano that “our hope is eventually people may be able to ‘bank’ skin samples and come back to them, or use donor exosome treatments that they can administer themselves. We believe that this work is an important step toward potentiating future human clinical trials in the prevention and treatment of cutaneous ageing.”

Like many exciting new developments in the aesthetic industry, this treatment is many years away from being available in clinic and we have no real concept of how effective it will actually be.

Preventative anti-ageing treatment

At the Karidis Clinic, we are aware that there is a real demand for preventative anti-ageing treatment, but it is essential to us that every procedure we offer can deliver effective and predictable results.

Ultherapy resultsOne preventative anti-ageing treatment that is available now is Ultherapy which uses high intensity focused ultrasound to deliver energy deep into the dermis. This stimulates collagen production which, in turn, lifts and tightens the skin. It can be used as a non-surgical brow or eyelid lift, to tighten the jawline, or improve the appearance of the neck, but it’s becoming increasingly popular with younger women who know that a slowing down of collagen production is the main cause of ageing and are keen to prevent those ageing changes from occurring.

Results aren’t immediate which is why you should plan your Ultherapy treatment a couple of months prior to a big event – or book now to enjoy the benefits this upcoming festive season. To find out more about Ultherapy, call 020 3811 5982 to arrange a consultation with one of our practitioners.