Ready for the big reveal?

Lower face tweakments

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As rules on socialising are easing and with Boris promising this will be the “last lockdown ever”, it seems the big concern is when we can stop wearing masks and finally face the world. According to Google Trends, questions such as ‘When can we stop wearing face masks in the UK?’ and ‘When will masks go away UK’ have become breakout search terms because their popularity has risen so quickly, it’s impossible to measure. Although we are all aware of the importance of protecting one another, we are certainly looking forward to the day we can remove our masks and greet the world with a smile.

With all the attention on our eyes and upper face for the last year, are you ready to reveal what’s behind the mask? Here’s a round-up of our best tweakments for sculpting, lifting and smoothing the lower face.

Sculpting & Defining

As well as wider eyes and smoother skin, the most popular Instagram beauty fillers all give you a more defined jawline and more and more of our patients are demanding treatments that eradicate jowls, remove a double chin or produce a more angled, sharper line to the lower face.

Whether performed as standalone treatments or in combination, we have a range of procedures to sculpt the jawline:

Ultherapy: this innovative collagen-stimulating procedure uses controlled ultrasound energy to lift, tighten and sculpt the skin at a deep level while leaving the surface of the skin undamaged. As well as a superficial tightening immediately after treatment, collagen and elastin production is boosted so overtime the side and front profile of the face gradually improves.

Jaw Fillers: Ultherapy is often used in combination with dermal fillers to further combat skin laxity and lift and sculpt the jawline in more mature skin. Younger patients keen to achieve the effect of make-up contouring or Instagram filters are turning to dermal fillers to produce a sharper, more defined angle to the jaw.

CoolSculpting: another exciting technology we offer at our London aesthetic clinic is fat-freezing treatment CoolSculpting. Hugely popular in reducing visible bulges of fat on the body, it is now also used to treat the submental – under the chin – and submandibular or jawline area to eradicate a double chin or jowls.

Lifting & Slimming

The shape of the lower face is a key element in what we consider attractive and a V-shaped face which is slim, with a defined jawline is believed to be youthful, feminine and elegant. Some patients have always been dissatisfied with the shape of their lower face and others have seen changes to the shape of their jaw as muscles have become more defined. Furthermore, as we age, our face often becomes more bottom heavy, but it is possible to make subtle but effective changes to a wider lower face.

Muscle relaxing injections: as well as smoothing wrinkles, these injectables can be used to contour the face. Whether through genetics, teeth grinding or excessive jaw clenching, the masseter muscles at the angle of the jaw can become larger, making the face appear too wide. Known as jawline slimming or facial sculpting, small injections of botulinum toxin are placed into the masseter muscles to create a slimmer, more feminine jawline.

Thread lifts: facial threads are one of the most popular, effective and minimally invasive means to lift and tighten loose, sagging skin tissues, but can also be used to slim the face. Karidis Clinic plastic surgeon Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe explains:

“We put soft threads into the skin using a very fine needle. As the thread dissolves it stimulates collagen depositions which helps to tighten the skin and gives strength and integrity to the underlying structures.

“A popular patient demographic is the Asian patient. The Asian face is typically wider and fuller, and a thread lift can create a slimmer face with careful placement of the threads. This is called the V-Lift in Korea and is hugely popular.”

For more advice on the best lifting, sculpting and defining treatments for the lower face, call us on 0207 432 8727 to arrange a consultation with one of our aesthetic experts.