Simon Cowell at 60: Alex Karidis talks to the Daily Mail about his ever-changing looks

Alex Karidis on Simon Cowell's anti-ageing procedures

Simon Cowell has been out and about promoting the latest series of America’s Got Talent and his drastically different appearance has got everyone speculating about what work he might have had done, particularly in light of his upcoming 60th birthday in October.

Simon put his new looks down to adopting a vegan diet and losing 20lbs but he has also openly admitted to undergoing a thread lift and other treatments in the past.

Simon Cowell’s anti-ageing procedures

The Daily Mail asked Mr Alex Karidis to speculate on what Simon may have had done and whether his weight loss is really the cause:

“As we get older, gravity takes effect – the skin thins and there is a ‘deflation effect’ which occurs when we lose fat in our faces and skin starts to sag, like a deflating balloon and the supporting muscles weaken.

“There is a saying, ‘fat don’t crack’ and this is why sometimes, carrying a little extra weight can make the face look younger. Because Simon has lost 20lbs recently, that weight loss shows in his face. With ageing, the neck starts to sag, as do the brows and the eyelids.”

He continued: “Some people opt to have their own fat injected into their face to combat this or a hyaluronic acid which may need to be injected two or three times.”