The non-surgical treatments that are plastic surgeon approved

Coolsculpting results


CoolSculpting is no longer offered at Karidis Clinic. Call us on 0207 432 8727 or email us at to find out what exciting new body reshaping treatments we offer.


Recent plastic surgery figures from the US have noted a sharp rise in non-surgical treatments, particularly those aimed at body enhancement. So much so, that they nominated 2019 as the Year of the Body.

This is a trend we have seen at the Karidis Clinic – last month’s heatwave saw a 100% take-up in our minimally invasive body shaping procedures. This demand is reflected in the variety of non-invasive technologies on the market, with more than a dozen available today and many more set to launch over the next couple of years and international research company GlobalData predicts that non-invasive and minimally invasive fat-reduction procedures will be a $1.1 billion industry by 2022.

“The aesthetic industry is ever-changing, with new procedures, techniques, devices and products continuously evolving,” plastic surgeon Mr Alex Karidis explains. “My approach is not to rush to adopt new treatments until the benefit to my patients is proven. Once we have thoroughly investigated, though, we ensure our patients have access to the very best treatments available.”

So, which are the non-surgical treatments that are plastic surgeon approved?


CoolSculpting was the first fat-freezing device to be introduced to the market and it is FDA-approved for non-surgically reducing fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Controlled cooling freezes the fat cells, so they die and are then naturally and safely eliminated by the body.


Known as the non-surgical facelift, Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to heat the deeper tissues of the dermis while leaving the surface of the skin undisturbed. These tissues undergo a remodelling process that stimulates collagen and elastin formation, resulting in an overall tightening and lifting action.


VelaShape III is a third-generation non-invasive body reshaping technology. It employs four different technologies, including infrared, radiofrequency and mechanical tissue manipulation using pulsed vacuum and massage rollers. This combination of technologies causes a deep heating of the connective tissues to reduce body circumference and improve the appearance of the cellulite. This anti-cellulite effect is further compounded by mechanical tissue manipulation that improves lymphatic drainage and circulation.

Fulfilling patient expectations

“CoolSculpting is a proven technology for non-surgically reducing fat and Ultherapy’s clinical studies illustrate that it stimulates collagen and elastin production in the skin. So, they do work. However, like all non-surgical procedures, it’s all about expectations,” counsels Mr Karidis.

“If a patient is expecting surgical-style results, then they will be disappointed. However, for patients that don’t want surgery and understand that they will not experience the same degree or speed of change, then these procedures can really deliver satisfactory results.”

During your consultation with Mr Karidis he can offer expert, unbiased advice on whether a non-surgical treatment will fulfil your expectations or whether you’d benefit more from a surgical procedure. To arrange your consultation, call 0203 131 4826.