Thinking of having lip fillers? Here are top 5 tips you need to know

Thinking of having lip fillers? Read our expert tips from Karidis nurse, Suzi Noble.

Dermal Fillers are commonly known as filler, collagen injections and hyaluronic acid injections and often used to help add volume to the body of lips where it’s needed. If your lips have lost definition and volume over the years or no longer want to rely on using makeup to enhance your lip shape then lip fillers could be for you.

Some people want volume, others hydration and some need correction or evening out of the lips, we can address these issues with different amounts and different dermal fillers.

People are often nervous about lip fillers, but to get Kylie Jenner volume you’d need 4-5 mls over a period of a year to 18months, so with ½ – 1ml in one session the results are very differnt and far more subtle.

Often swelling can be present for a couple of days, but ibuprofen and icing will help, maybe wait two weeks before a big event so everything settles.

Aftercare centres around avoiding anything that can cause more swelling, so no hot drinks for four hours, no exercise for 24 hours and avoid any heat treatments like saunas or steam rooms for 72 hours. For treatments such as top lip waxing, laser or peels it’s best to wait one to two weeks after or before having lip fillers.

Lip filler generally lasts around 9-12 months but will last even longer if they have a top up at five to six months.

For more information about lip fillers contact the karidis clinic for a complimentary consultation or visit the dermal fillers page. On the other hand, on we also offer lip reduction surgery for those looking for smaller, thinner lips.