How To Choose The Best Size Breast Implants For You

What is the ideal breast size?

Although every woman’s idea of the perfect breast size is different, there are some guidelines to bear in mind in order to achieve optimum aesthetic results from a breast augmentation at our London clinic.

The average UK cup size in relation to body is a D, so bear this in mind if you are thinking of requesting larger implants – they can create a disproportionate figure that will look obviously ‘fake’ or ‘plastic’, particularly if you are slight with a small frame.

Can I choose the cup size I want?

Bra size varies widely depending on the style and make of the bra in question – ultimately, it is a guide to help women choose bras, not breasts! Studies also show that 85% of women wear the wrong bra for their body, so the size you request may be strikingly different from the idea in your head.

Breast implants are not measured according to bra size, but in liquid volume displacement (cc). Although is possible to get an idea of how this corresponds to manufacturing bra sizes, Mr Karidis focuses on the overall look you are trying to achieve as opposed to the cup size.

How will different types of implant affect my size?

There is more to choosing breast implants than simply picking a size. You will also need to decide on:

  1. Material (saline or silicone)
  2. Shape (round or teardrop)
  3. Projection (how far the implants extend from your chest)

All of these factors have an equally significant impact on the result of your breast augmentation surgery and can affect the size, shape and projection of your breasts after the procedure.

In order to maintain their shape, teardrop implants are slightly harder than round ones. When you lie on your back, a teardrop implant will keep its position instead of flattening sideways like a natural breast or round implant – this is less natural, but gives the breasts an illusion of increased size.

Naturally large breasts tend to have a low profile due to the weight of the breast tissue itself. High profile implants can make the breasts appear fuller – and thus larger – but less natural, especially if the implants are also large.

How large can I go with my implants?

As breast implants are placed beneath the existing breast tissue, there is a physical limitation on the size of the implants. Increased breast volume also increases width, meaning that overlarge implants would extend beyond the breast tissue. This is not only unpleasant aesthetically but can also cause long-term problems.

There are also non-surgical reasons why overly large implants can be problematic:

  1. Risk of back, neck and shoulder pain
  2. Worsened posture
  3. Breasts sagging with the weight of the implant
  4. Difficulty exercising
  5. Difficulty sleeping on front
  6. Difficulty buying clothes that fit

A consultation with a specialist surgeon will determine the right size, shape and volume of implants for you, ensuring you receive the results you are looking for. Get in touch with us at the clinic and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your options with you.