What to expect after breast implant surgery

You’re sure to be looking forward to your breast augmentation at our London clinic after the planning, research and your consultation, but what can you really expect after breast implant surgery? Will you be in pain? How long will you need to wear a sports bra? Our essential guide answers these questions and more.

Immediately after surgery, you will be taken to a recovery area to allow the effects of the anaesthetic to wear off. You are will likely feel very groggy, so you will remain here for at least an hour. You will be given something to drink, with something light to eat such as a biscuit. Once you are fully coherent, you will be returned to your room.

When you come round after your breast implant surgery, you will feel considerable pressure on your chest. Don’t worry, as this is perfectly normal! Your chest muscles have been stretched to accommodate your breast implants, so you will feel discomfort in your chest every time you use these muscles – whether that is lifting your arms to get dressed, washing your hair or simply sneezing!

You may struggle with a number of everyday tasks after your surgery, including:

  1. Opening and closing car doors
  2. Lifting anything heavy
  3. Opening bottles and jars
  4. Driving – and changing gear
  5. Picking up children or pets
  6. Bending over

You’re sure to want to see the results of your breast surgery straight away, but that won’t be possible as your chest will be bandaged and you will be fitted with a tight compression garment, similar to a supportive sports bra.

Side effects after breast implant surgery

Specific side effects after surgery vary from person to person, but frequent post-surgery symptoms include:

  1. Pain – if your implants are placed under the muscle, you will have very sore chest muscles and feeling of pressure on your chest. If the implants are placed over the muscle, you will feel some degree of pressure, but no sore muscles
  2. Swelling – every patient will have a degree of swelling, but the extent will vary with each person. This will subside
  3. Numbness – this is totally normal after surgery and full sensation should return over time. This can take several months though, so try to be patient!
  4. Bruising – this is also perfectly normal after surgery and the degree will depend entirely on our own body and healing times
  5. Burning or shooting pains – these are normal feelings and can last for weeks or months post-surgery. They are a sign that you are healing
  6. Itchiness – another sign of healing, try not to scratch your incisions!
  7. Backache – this is more common if your implants have been placed under the muscle, as the muscles in your back are overcompensating
  8. Bloating – this is normal and is usually as a result of the fluids used during surgery. Try to drink plenty of fluids as this will help to reduce any discomfort
  9. Nausea – a common side effect of anaesthetic and pain relief

While these side effects seem daunting, they’re all normal and nothing to worry about. If you are concerned about any symptoms post surgery, get in touch and we will be happy to help.