“Why I chose to have Ultherapy” by beauty blogger Alex Heart Beauty

Alex is a beauty blogger who has published part one of a review of Ulthera at Karidis on her blog, I Heart Beauty. In her mid-40s she writes from the perspective of an older woman but touching on products and reviews that will appear to women of all ages. Here’s an extract of her first experience with ultherapy – visit her blog to read more.

Now that I’m well and truly past my mid-40s I feel I need some extra help beyond the benefits good skincare can provide and I’ve been having some facial injections and a bit of filler. This is all well and good (as far as I’m concerned) but they can’t address an area that’s been bothering me for a while and that’s the increasing lack of definition around my jawline. Since I’ve noticed myself become more jowly I’ve started paying more attention to the jawline of others and it’s fairly indisputable how a defined lower face has a big impact on how ‘fresh’ and attractive someone looks.

Everyone has different attitudes to ageing and mine is to use the best cosmetic procedures available to my advantage. However, there’s a couple lines I won’t cross which include obvious ones such as wanting any treatments to have been tried and tested as being safe and that they won’t dramatically alter the way I look. I’m also not prepared to have anything done that involves being out of action. Though this limits my options nothing is more important to me than being 100% available to my young daughter.

Going back to the jawline/jowl issue, I started doing some research online and asking cosmetic doctors which treatment would work best and, facelift aside, there’s one treatment that’s rated over everything else and that’s Ultherapy. And the best part is that it involves no downtime at all.

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