“I’ve always felt progress is impossible without change. But change is daunting, intimidating and quite often scary. Couple this with a dose of anxiety and low self esteem regarding elements of the way you look, embarrassment over parts of your body and perceived judgement from others.

“I’ve experienced all the above; the anxiety and embarrassment about the prominent shape of my nose, accompanied by the misfortune of the negative side effects of pregnancy on the stomach and breasts, as well as the fast approaching gravitational pull of the BIG 4-0…hanging like millstone around my neck.”

Charlotte was approaching her 40th but felt held back by lack of body confidence. She had always felt self-conscious about her nose and had recently become unhappy with the size, shape and projection of her breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. So she decided to have surgery to reshape her nose as well as lift and fill her breasts and underwent both procedures during one operation.


Why I decided to have both a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation

“We’re made to constantly question body confidence – should we really just be happy with what we are given?

“I still believe there is significant stigma around cosmetic procedures, many not wanting to own up to it, feelings of guilt if you’re seen to be spending time and money on yourself, would it be perceived as a vanity project? But what about if we want to take control?

“As I hit 40 next month, I’m rebelling against the idea of lowering your expectations and living with what you’ve got and sitting back. This year I want to be a creative force instead, be brave, feel intrepid, become a game changer.”

Recovering from a double cosmetic surgery op


“I was expecting quite a lot of pain and a lengthy downtime, but the pain was extremely minimal. Especially compared to childbirth!

“You might think having two operations means double the suffering and recovery, but in fact you just sail through it. The body heals at the same rate whether you have one, two or three procedures at the same time.

“There’s still some swelling now in the nose but with make-up on no one was able to tell I’d had it done. They just thought I’d had a new hairdo.

“Really happy with my new breasts. Pregnancy and breastfeeding take a toll on your breasts and it doesn’t matter how much exercise or dieting you do, it’s not possible to reverse the changes that occur. I feel that my breasts are now in proportion with my body and beautifully lifted.

“I think that if you suffer from low self-esteem, when you actually make the decision to make a change then it’s really empowering. It gives you the courage to make other changes.”

My rhinoplasty results

Charlotte Rhinoplasty Before and After Side