For men suffering from an over-developed of glandular tissue, puffy nipples, excess fat and sagging skin in the chest area, gynecomastia surgery is often the only solution when diet and exercise fail. Most male breast reduction patients are highly satisfied by the results of their surgery but being full prepared for such a significant body transformation can further enhance your sense of fulfilment.

The gynecomastia recovery process can vary as each patient has a unique tolerance to pain and natural healing response and the extent of the procedure performed is also a factor. In our gynecomastia recovery guide, we advise you on what pain you can expect, when you can return to work and the gym and tips on how to speed up your recovery.

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Our gynecomastia timeline

Gynecomastia recovery varies from patient to patient and often depends on your age, general health pre-surgery, your pain tolerance and your body’s individual ability to heal. Here’s a general guide to what you can expect in the weeks and months after your male breast reduction surgery.

The first 24 hours: gynecomastia is performed under a general anaesthetic but is usually a day case, so you’ll be able to return home after surgery. When you return to your room, you may feel slightly disorientated from your anaesthetic

The first week: you can expect swelling and bruising to peak in the first few days. Sleep in an elevated position during the first week as this will help to reduce swelling and bruising. You should completely rest during this first week of healing and make sure you have a friend or family member to help you in the initial period to avoid any lifting or stretching.

The first month: most patients find they can return to work and resume normal activities after a week to two weeks. Although you may be tempted to get back in the gym to maintain your new shape, we recommend you avoid heavy lifting and strenuous upper body exercise for at least six weeks.

Full recovery: some unevenness in the chest area is to be expected during the healing process, as the swelling subsides and incisions heal, but this should resolve itself after a few months. Some changes in skin sensation are also common but that should be temporary. You can expect the full results of your gynecomastia surgery to be visible at six to nine months.

Gynecomastia recovery tips

We always give patients comprehensive aftercare advice and a direct number they can call if they have any concerns about their recovery. However, there are some things you can do – and some things you should avoid – after surgery:

  • Keep wearing your compression garments: it can be tempting to stop wearing your garments when you’re recovering at home, but they are an essential component of the healing process. Compression reduces swelling and prevents excessive fluid build-up. It can also help the skin shrink down to better fit the chest’s new proportions.
  • Take it easy when you return to the gym: working out is one of the most effective ways to maintain your gynecomastia results, but we advise you refrain for six weeks post-surgery. When you do resume your chest and arm workouts, start by using machines rather than free weights to reduce the chance of injury as you build your strength back up.
  • Listen to your surgeon: we will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions, but we have also recently relaunched the Karidis Clinic App, which supports you throughout your patient journey. The app provides invaluable advice on how to optimise your gynaecomastia recovery process as well as sending you alerts for all your post-op check-ups.

At Karidis Clinic, all gynecomastia procedures are carried out by one of the best known male breast reduction surgeons in London, Mr Alex Karidis.

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